Unwalked Path

Illustration #2 Our Story Wind blows through the trees. Leaves rustle against the ground beneath my feet. The sun falls slowly into the horizon. Looking ahead, I see many roads. All leading somewhere. All potentially holding a story within. Mine. No one has gotten this far. No one has journeyed the path I've chosen. No … Continue reading Unwalked Path

I Deserve This Pain

Illustration #1 Chained Home Darkness weighs upon my shoulders. Musky air mingles against my sweat soaked skin. Chains restrain my ankles. Kneeling on my knees, clinking of metal around my wrists echoes. I try to break free. Only to realize a few inches is my only freedom. Head bent forward. Wet hair clings to my … Continue reading I Deserve This Pain

Not Forgotten

Twisting turning of my stomach all insides feel pulled. Unaware of unseen truth, what will lie soon.   Anxiety, it clings to me claiming my cross to bear. Whispering its never-ending. I just sit back and stare.   Internally the battle rages within my heart's first cry. Please God above, answer me. I can't see … Continue reading Not Forgotten

Folly of Believers’ Focus on Sin

What happens when we are so focused on the sins of others that we lose sight of ourselves? This was originally written on my older blog site on June 7th, 2014. Enjoy! Many Refers To Believers We have all heard it either from ourselves or someone else. “I can’t believe so and so did this! … Continue reading Folly of Believers’ Focus on Sin

Why God Lets These Things Happen?

Often in our lives, we wonder why. Questions race through our mind. No answers appear. God seems to be hollow and unresponsive. But in truth...it is simply the beginning. God still is listening and watching over us. Joseph's story is one talked about often. A father who loved him dearly. So much in fact that … Continue reading Why God Lets These Things Happen?