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Why God? Why Let These Things Happen?

God Is Watching Over Us

Often in our life we wonder why. Questions race through our mind. No answers appear. God seems to be hollow and unresponsive. But in truth…it is simply the beginning. God still is listening and watching over us.

Joseph’s story is one talked about often. A father who loved him dearly. So much in fact that a coat of many colors was placed upon his son’s shoulders. A son that was envied among his brothers.

It didn’t help Joseph did not realize by discussing his dreams that his brothers would become angrier. It probably did not help when his brothers clearly saw the favoritism of their father. Favoritism towards their stepbrother and favoritism towards their stepmother Rachel, whom Jacob had planned from the beginning of marrying. Their mother Leah wasn’t enough.


Being Forsaken

I’m not sure why it seems people who claim to be of God tend to murder when things do not go the way originally planned.  Cain killed Abel out of anger. Moses killed an Egyptian out of anger. David killed a soldier because he slept with the soldier’s wife. The high priests and many people who followed Jesus demanded His death and got it.

Joseph’s story is similar as well. His brothers wanted to kill him out of anger.The story is known quite well by many. But let’s explore it to find the true meaning of a grain of hope.

One day Joseph was requested by his father to visit his brothers. When his brothers saw him coming, they plotted to kill him. Reuben, the oldest brother, was able to stop them from their evil plot. But then…he left for a period of time. Thus leaving another brother to suggest, “Why don’t we sell him?”

So Joseph was left in a pit and he was eventually sold. His cloak was torn and soaked in blood by his brothers. Lies about a death left his father in a state of mourning. His mother had already died in childbirth leaving one younger brother behind.


Accused And Forgotten

As a slave, he worked for a man known as Potiphar and by God’s hand, Joseph did well. But as time grew on, his master’s wife turned her eyes to Joseph. Desiring for him to take her, she pressured him. But Joseph, a man of God, resisted. Resisted so much in fact that his cloak was left in her hand as he ran out of the house.

She lied to her husband and said that Joseph tried to make a move on her. Her husband, naturally believing his wife, had Joseph sent to prison. For years Joseph remained in prison, but even there God was with him. God had placed favor in the eyes of the guard in charge of Joseph.

Later on, two men joined Joseph having disturbing dreams. Through God Joseph interpreted each dream to the dreamer. One man would live and one man would die. Immediately these things came to pass. Joseph requested of the butler, who lived, to remember the help he had given. He asked the butler to tell Pharaoh of his experience.

For years Joseph was forgotten.


There’s A Reason In Everything

It wasn’t until years later Joseph’s request was remembered when Pharaoh had some disturbing dreams. Through this Joseph was finally taken out of prison. He interpreted the dreams. He provided a way to save grain in the next five years of plenty for the proceeding next five years of famine. Finally, Joseph was moving up in the world.

Pharaoh placed him in charge of much and many. Eventually, the famine hit and Joseph’s brothers arrived asking for grain. It still took a few years, but at the end, Joseph revealed himself and completely forgave them.

(NKJ) Genesis 45:05 “But now, do no therefore be grieved or angry with yourselves because you sold me here; for God sent me before you to preserve life.”

Joseph realized there was a reason in every single thing that had happened to him. It wasn’t his fault certain circumstances became the way they did. There were other people involved who made it way. But God continued to watch over him. Above all else, God had mercy and remembered him through the dark times.


God Has A Hand On Everything

Sometimes we mess up in life. We feel horrible or even become ashamed of ourselves. Other times we are completely innocent and we have no idea why life happens the way it does. It took Joseph decades just to get the point to where he finally saw the truth completely unfolded before his eyes. And every single thing eventually made sense.

(NKJ) Genesis 45:08 “So now it was not you who sent me here, but God; and He has made me a father to Pharaoh, and lord of all his house, and a ruler throughout all the land of Egypt.”  

Even when we mess up, fail, and make mistakes we shouldn’t shut our eyes out of shame. God has mercy on us. If we are given even the smallest grain of hope in a situation, then hold onto it.

Don’t be like, “Well, I failed a test. But there’s a retake I can do. But…it doesn’t matter, I still messed up.”

Do we forget not everyone has the same opportunity?


A Drop Of Mercy & A Grain Of Hope

In the smallest of ways, God still provides us an opportunity. A drop of mercy. But if we shut Him out and if we bury ourselves in woe, then we won’t ever see the unfolding of the truth. Darkness should not be heavier on us when the light has been provided.

When God takes burdens off of our shoulders, we can’t continue to hold on. Keeping our faces to the past will stop us from seeing the grains of hope sprinkled along our way.

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