Anxiety & Fear · Doubt/Faith · Prayer · Relationship with Christ

Not Forgotten


Prayer Poem #3

Twisting turning of my stomach

all insides feel pulled.

Unaware of unseen truth,

what will lie soon.


Anxiety, it clings to me

claiming my cross to bear.

Whispering its never-ending.

I just sit back and stare.


Internally the battle rages

within my heart’s first cry.

Please God above, answer me.

I can’t see the reasons why.


My King Who reigns from high above

responds with a gentle smile.

“My child have you forgotten,

I’ve been around for all this while.


I see the pain within your eyes.

Yet, My hand is still upon you.

I know you struggle within cries.

But darkness has no hold on you.


Trust Me, is all I ask.

Though I know, for you, it’s hard.

I carry your pain with Me.

Yours is replaced by My scar.”



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