Not Forgotten

Twisting turning of my stomach

all insides feel pulled.

Unaware of unseen truth,

what will lie soon.


Anxiety, it clings to me

claiming my cross to bear.

Whispering its never-ending.

I just sit back and stare.


Internally the battle rages

within my heart’s first cry.

Please God above, answer me.

I can’t see the reasons why.


My King Who reigns from high above

responds with a gentle smile.

“My child have you forgotten,

I’ve been around for all this while.


I see the pain within your eyes.

Yet, My hand is still upon you.

I know you struggle within cries.

But darkness has no hold on you.


Trust Me, is all I ask.

Though I know, for you, it’s hard.

I carry your pain with Me.

Yours is replaced by My scar.”

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM(Can’t get enough posts? Check out my second blog Peeking Beneath)


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