Christian Poetry/Illustration/Short Story · Relationship with Christ

Unwalked Path

Illustration #2


Our Story

Wind blows through the trees. Leaves rustle against the ground beneath my feet. The sun falls slowly into the horizon. Looking ahead, I see many roads. All leading somewhere. All potentially holding a story within. Mine.

No one has gotten this far. No one has journeyed the path I’ve chosen. No one could understand. I’m alone and I will always be alone.

“Oh really, do you REALLY think that?”

He speaks with confidence.

Shrugging my shoulders, my arrogance rises. My only barrier. “Of course, You’ve never traveled with me. I walk on paths that have been untaken. If I have to, I’ll make a path out of the unknown.”

Gentle laughter.

“Kid, I AM the unknown.”

Darkness sweeps across the land. Chills of cold air wrap around me. Shivering, I try to ignore.

The Truth

“You know, I can help you.”

Warmth radiates near me.

“I don’t know why you think you’re so clever.”

He speaks sadly. 

“You always choose the same path anyway.”

Words attempt to come out of my mouth. But I stop.

“Yes, the paths appear different. But your goal is the same. You travel by yourself. You struggle to complete the journey. As soon as the road is completed you attempt to start another.”

A gentle hand ruffles my hair.


“Your bragging rights focus only on the end result…completion. You boast you have gone through this by yourself. But truthfully, you hardly gained anything from the journey. It’s as if you simply skimmed through your own story without actually reading the book.”


Lamp stands appear beside every path.

I AM the light in darkness.”

Light appears on the sides of each road illuminating thorns, holes, and vicious creatures awaiting for me to stray off.

I KNOW where you should go.”
“All the while you doubt Me, while I’ve been walking with you all along.”

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM

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