Grey Rain

Illustration #3 Black And White Atmosphere Shuddering. Shaking. Ice wind pricks the face. Holding. Rocking back and forth. Clutching my knees against the rain. Fog dampens the air around. Mist comes in as thunder roars. Grey is the sky. Grey is the clouds. Grey are those around me. Shifting. Mixing. Unreliable. Untrustworthy. Hands twitch around … Continue reading Grey Rain

Christian Ignorance

When we choose to have a relationship with Christ and to follow God we choose to accept the Lord and all His entirety. This includes His commandments, His walk of life, and His instructions to us as His Bride. But just like in the beginning with the Israelites, Christians tend to fall in the same … Continue reading Christian Ignorance

Like Everyone Else

Be like a penny. Start out new and shiny. Stand out...even though you look exactly like everyone else. Everyone's value remains the same. Your inner beauty relies on vanity. There's no power. Though you might think you have some over the crowd. There's no difference. You lie to yourself.   And yet...everyone accepts the lie. … Continue reading Like Everyone Else

Christ Became Tainted For Us

Note: I know many people get tripped up when it comes to looking at the books of the Bible that cover the Old Testament laws. Some do not seem fair at all and sexist compared to our society. But we must understand the time period as well. The structure of society then is not the … Continue reading Christ Became Tainted For Us