Grey Rain

Illustration #3

Black And White Atmosphere

Shuddering. Shaking. Ice wind pricks the face. Holding. Rocking back and forth. Clutching my knees against the rain. Fog dampens the air around.

Mist comes in as thunder roars. Grey is the sky. Grey is the clouds. Grey are those around me.

Shifting. Mixing. Unreliable. Untrustworthy.

Hands twitch around my ankles. Hair drenched. I stare at the ground catching glances at my fingers. I once clung to them. Those I put hope in. But all have fallen short. Even my dreams sink into an abyss.


“I just…”

“I just wanted to be recognized.”

Biting down on my lip, I let questions flow past. I wonder. Is this it? Will I give up on everything?

Color emerges. Sprouting forth from concrete, pavement becomes grass. Flowers begin to bloom and yet the rain still falls.

The rain still falls but the sun has appeared. Casting rainbow colors into a once lost picture.

My soul is lifted.

Because hope endures even when all seems lost. Grey is made from darkness but brightened with light.

And light contains the rainbow.


Promise Of Hope

I am recognized through the promise of God.

Fallen. Bruised. Lonely. Isolated.

Even then, I am not forgotten

Even then, there is hope.

There is Someone to cling to.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM

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