Intentional Prayers | Layers Of Prayer (2)

Remaining Settled             Welcome back to the blog series called, Layers of Prayer.  If you are unfamiliar with this series, I recommend reading Layers of Prayer (Pt. 1)- Outer Layer first. It covers basic information of prayer before the explanation. Now let’s continue. The next layer of prayer is in-between of … Continue reading Intentional Prayers | Layers Of Prayer (2)

Each Day

(May I always remember) With every step, I move forward. With faith, I hold on. With love, I continue to grow. The rain helps my thirst. The light helps my strength. Family and friends provide room for my heart. God provides healing for my soul. I may not have much but I have more than … Continue reading Each Day

Christ Healed Me From Eczema

READER ALERT: My painful eczema was on my feet. This blog discusses the sores and the pain associated with it. If you don't like any form of this talk (just discussed briefly), skip over the third and fourth paragraphs, and skip the section, "Pain Taking Off Socks."    (A flare up of eczema that happened … Continue reading Christ Healed Me From Eczema

Christians Cannot Save Another Person

I'm not sure when or where the empowering statement arose. "We can save lives for Christ." "You can save lives for Christ." The very statement, "for Christ," implies that the action is something given to Christ, or in this case "someone" is given to Christ. Meaning that people are "saved for Christ" by another human … Continue reading Christians Cannot Save Another Person

New Year 2017 | Turn over to the Lord

These burdens once were mine. But now, Lord they are Yours.   Each second that passes draw me closer to You.   Heart beats. Tears stream. With lifted hands take what is mine.   My burdens My problems. My guilt. My shame.   My blind eyes You cause to see. My tired hands. You lift … Continue reading New Year 2017 | Turn over to the Lord