Can I Gain God’s Love?

Curious about the title? The word "gain" is used because people are misinformed. Welcome back to the second part of, Is God Mad At Me. Many of us believe we need to GAIN God's love, but the truth is He already loves us. So what do we do with His love? We need to make sure … Continue reading Can I Gain God’s Love?

Is God Mad At Me?

Fear Of Anger This tends to be a question many ask when it comes to God. The source of the question comes from fear. Some fears emerge in relation to God's anger and wrath. We fear we are not heard, and we fear we will not be forgiven. Let me ease your mind in answering no. … Continue reading Is God Mad At Me?

Giving Up Sin When It’s Hard

Lust Of Senses This world focuses on the lust of all senses, which leads us to temptation. Seeing porn (eyes), hearing music we shouldn't listen to (ears), using our mouth (taste) or nose (scent) for drugs or gluttony of food, and engaging in physical activities we shouldn't partake in (touch). Temptation Being tempted is not … Continue reading Giving Up Sin When It’s Hard

Tired Of Feeling Unanswered From God

This is a feeling many Christians struggle with. When it comes to talking to God, we often don't feel heard. We become, "tired." We Forget "Why won't God answer," we ask. "Haven't I done enough?" "Does He even care?" "Why am I even trying?" (NIV) Romans 9:20, “ But who are you, a human being, … Continue reading Tired Of Feeling Unanswered From God