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Where Is God’s Temple | Believer 101

*Edited: 01/12/2021 The temple in the Old Testament was a huge deal. The reasoning was because it was a place for God's Spirit, essentially, to go. This is why people had been careful about who approached the temple, and who didn't. David actually wanted to build the temple for God, but because David had been… Continue reading Where Is God’s Temple | Believer 101



Truth. What is the meaning of truth? Truth means actuality. That no matter what the majority has deemed to be real or not, there is still an ultimate truth. Even if hidden away, truth does not wait to be uncovered. It simply is. Instead, it is us who either seek it out or choose deceit.… Continue reading Truth


Additions to Inside Cup Blog Posts

Thank you!  For anyone checking out my blog Inside Cup, or my other blog Peeking Beneath the Rock, I thank you. I thank you for your support. I thank you for giving my writing a chance. Earlier today, I sat down on the floor. A blank whiteboard faced me. Within myself, my heart reached a… Continue reading Additions to Inside Cup Blog Posts