Additions to Inside Cup Blog Posts


Thank you! 

For anyone checking out my blog Inside Cup, or my other blog Peeking Beneath the Rock, I thank you.

I thank you for your support.

I thank you for giving my writing a chance.

Earlier today, I sat down on the floor. A blank whiteboard faced me. Within myself, my heart reached a point, and it was then I knew, I had to give my writing to God.

This was something I thought I had done before, and truth be told, I had. However, I can’t remember if I ever gave God my true desires, my dreams, in regards to writing.

You see, my desire is for people to be reached, but within my heart, my true desire is to have God’s hand in everything single piece I write.

I won’t get anywhere without Him.


And above all else, I want people to know that about me.

Last night, my fingers skimmed through the bright screen of my phone. Briefly, I paused and thought about getting back to scripture. For a bit, I had taken a break from reading through the books of the Bible. Thanks to my blog here, I go through scripture almost daily. But scripture reading, nonetheless, I was slacking on.

Two days ago, I started going through my favorite book of the Bible, Matthew. So last night, I picked up where I left off, which was Ch. 3. The temptation of Jesus. Immediately afterward, Jesus goes in search of choosing His disciples.

Ch. 4, He begins to teach the disciples. Here was where the scriptures of salt of the earth, and light on a hill lay. These two scriptures were the ones I’ve been thinking of recently. Last night, God allowed my eyes to be opened to the truth, and I found immense comfort in those scriptures.

For my time left on earth, I want to make good use of it. I struggle being lazy sometimes and procrastinate. But I crave the Lord dear to my heart. I desire to hear Him speak. I long for His hand to move mountains.


I wrote about being relentless in asking, seeking, and knocking. I speak from the desire of wanting this in my walk with God. If He isn’t first, how can I reach out and help those close to me? How can I be the light on the hill, if I’m waiting at the bottom?

Giving the Lord my desires of what I want out of writing and reaching people, I realized I need to do more.

With trembling hands, I began to write out the days of the week on the dry erase board. The names of the two blogs, and my author name.

An answer for the work of God to increase with me is to increase the work of my hands.

We become Christ-like through following Him, from the inside out.

Which is the inspiration for this blog, Inside Cup.

So, I am increasing the posts for both of my blogs. Each one will have three posts each week. May this allow me to be a light on the hill, and the salt of the earth. May I be able to make a difference. I want God to move mountains. I want all eyes who see what happens in my life to know it is only because of Him.


2019 Update: The schedule has changed since, but I like keeping this for memory’s sake.

Inside Cup Schedule (Eastern Standard Time)
Sundays– Noon – Song Sunday, a small post with focus on a particular Christian song  will discuss the symbolism of the song’s meaning. The goal of these posts is to help give awareness to Christian music (singers) and positivity, while praising God.
Tuesdays– 4pm – Similar to this past Thursday’s Start Over a smaller blog post with one focal scripture.
Thursdays- 4pm-  Same as the past, an in-depth post with multiple scriptures


Let’s grow together and see what God will unfold.

Praise His name.

My Great One.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM

(Can’t get enough posts? Check out my second blog Peeking Beneath)


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