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Song Sunday | Strong Enough

Welcome To Our First Song Sunday!

Song Sunday will be days, on Sunday preferably, when we learn about a particular Christian song. A lot of people have stereotypes of Christian music, and there is a variety of Christian genre. So I want to bring an awareness and share the praise others are giving to God.

May we grow together.

The song picked for this week of inspiration is,

“Strong Enough,” by Matthew West.

This song hits so many levels of what it means to struggle. To feel helpless. Wondering why God gives us the hard stuff.

Ever been there?

The song begins its opening with the speaker talking to God. Telling God, that God must think the speaker has the strength to go through what he is given.

Mankind wasn’t meant to go through what we’re going through. God used to walk among us for goodness sake. But we go through life struggling because of sin. We are all fallen.

Life isn’t easy. Sometimes it feels unbearable. People want to ignore those struggling. Giving out lies, “You’ll get through it. God won’t give you anything you can’t handle.”

Most of you, like myself, are probably familiar with that same phrase, “God doesn’t give you what you can’t handle.”

And to be honest, I believe this statement to be a load of trash.


And the song also seems to disagree with the statement.

He proceeds to respond to the burden laid upon him. He says he doesn’t believe he has the strength. The whole chorus of the song talks about how we, as individuals, do not have the strength by ourselves. Instead, we go to God because God is the One with the real strength. Strength that is given to us through Him, but will always remain His strength.

Nothing we can create on our own.

And there is the answer. This is why the phrase is worthless. The phrase, “God won’t give you anything you can’t handle,” focuses on self-strength.

If that’s all we had, guess what? We wouldn’t need God.

But we do. The truth is, it isn’t about us. It isn’t about our own strength.


In the second verse, the speaker says that perhaps that’s God’s plan. We have to hit rock bottom to look up.

Because then and only then, we look up to God. He shows us we are broken and vulnerable. It is only through Him we have strength.

It is a wonderful reminder that next time when we struggle, we shouldn’t let God be our last resort.

Because if our eyes never left Him, He is already with us. Ready to give us His burden, which is light, and not of the world.


We don’t have to be strong.

Matthew West sings Contemporary Christian music. His lyrics speak to the soul.

Check out his song below. If you enjoy his music, support him on YouTube, and iTunes.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PMIf you would like to play a Christian playlist in the background, here is the YouTube playlist I’ve put together with over 400 songs on it. Featuring all of the Song Sunday songs, and more. Variety of genres, all Christian. 

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