Midweek Inspiration | God’s Plans Over Our Pain

Today's quote "God Is Not Punishing You. He's Preparing You. Trust His Plan, Not Your Pain." I need this quote. So often in our lives when we struggle with uncertainty, we get overwhelmed. Thrown into our "depths of despair," as Anne would say. (Anne of Green Gables). But when I think back to everything I've … Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | God’s Plans Over Our Pain

Stumbling Block To Others

A gentle word stirs kindness. But a harsh word stirs wrath. Where are we in our walk with Christ? Are we kind to each other or do we constantly rebuke? Showing the light of Christ should be done out of humility. Not pride, and not with the intention to correct. What are we to others? … Continue reading Stumbling Block To Others

Song Sunday | Sparrows (Jason Gray)

This song played on the radio the day I needed assurance. One of the lyrics talked about if God can hold everything in His hands then the very moment we are going through He can also hold for us. "Sparrows," by Jason Gray Worry does nothing except consume our soul. Having fear will not change … Continue reading Song Sunday | Sparrows (Jason Gray)

Toxic Church Experience (Pt.3) | My Last Service

Welcome back to part 3 of my toxic church experience! If you haven't check out Part 1 or Part 2 I recommend doing so before continuing. Here we go. Ever since we started visiting the church, people constantly pushed us to go to every service. 'You're going to Wednesday night?" I went to Wednesday night, … Continue reading Toxic Church Experience (Pt.3) | My Last Service

Hidden Messages Of The Lord’s Prayer

I've been contemplating the line, "And lead us not into temptation," for the past few days. And God, within the past few minutes, just blew up my mind with realizations. The Lord's prayer is a diamond in the ruff. It's a prayer many know, but many also overlook. Sort of like the pledge of alliance … Continue reading Hidden Messages Of The Lord’s Prayer

Midweek Inspiration | Positive Thinking

Applause! Applause! We have already reached Wednesday, congrats! Which is the perfect time to be reminded of this phrase, "The power of positivity." I'm not sure how many times I've heard this over the years, but I have to admit in its truth. In the same way, negativity has a domino effect, people tend to … Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | Positive Thinking

Arguing Complaints

We only have this life that we've been given. We shouldn't be so focused on ourselves, and everything we want, that we miss the greater picture of our purpose. Complaining may give some relief, in regards to, we get something off of our chest. But understand this "relief" is brief. Nothing has been dealt with. … Continue reading Arguing Complaints

Song Sunday | Drops In The Ocean (Hawk Nelson)

When we need a reminder that Christ understands and He loves us deeply check out this week's song. "Drops In The Ocean," by Hawk Nelson Right from the beginning, the song reminds us God wants us as we are. God doesn't want us to be in pain. God wants us to succeed. He doesn't want … Continue reading Song Sunday | Drops In The Ocean (Hawk Nelson)

My Playlist

UPDATE- I have a page updated and organized with a Christian music playlist because of this, I deleted the content here, and just moved everything over there. There's a lot more music than what I had originally in this post.  Available on the page also is a link to my YouTube channel with some playlists … Continue reading My Playlist

Toxic Church Experience (Pt. 2) | Confusing Deception

Welcome to part 2 of my toxic church experience. If you are unfamiliar with the beginning, I suggest reading the first part. Alright? Okay, let's start. So last time I went over what lead up to going to the church, and the great hope I had of making Christian friends, especially peers. Like I said, … Continue reading Toxic Church Experience (Pt. 2) | Confusing Deception