Stumbling Block To Others

A gentle word stirs kindness. But a harsh word stirs wrath. Where are we in our walk with Christ? Are we kind to each other or do we constantly rebuke? Showing the light of Christ should be done out of humility. Not pride, and not with the intention to correct. What are we to others?… Continue reading Stumbling Block To Others


Arguing Complaints

We only have this life that we've been given. We shouldn't be so focused on ourselves, and everything we want, that we miss the greater picture of our purpose. Complaining may give some relief, in regards to, we get something off of our chest. But understand this "relief" is brief. Nothing has been dealt with.… Continue reading Arguing Complaints

Prayer · Relationship with Christ

I Love God But… | When Torn Between God’s Desires and Self Pleasure

Edited: 01/12/2021 This may be one of the hardest pieces I've yet to write. And this piece isn't just for you, dear reader, but this piece is for me as well. The times when we struggle between God and our wants. This isn't a happy or fluffy place to be in our walk with Christ. But… Continue reading I Love God But… | When Torn Between God’s Desires and Self Pleasure


Midweek Inspiration | Each New Day

The quote, "The best is yet to come," is a treasure we can hold onto for the rest of our life. You see, we may have good days and maybe even great days. But we don't only have to have one "best" day of our life. The promise of each new day allows us to… Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | Each New Day


God Uses The Bad And Turns It Into Good

There are times in our life where we have simply hit rock bottom. No means of looking up, though that's the only direction we have left. Our fingers claw at the dirt beneath us in desperation. Tears fall silently down our cheek, "God, where are You," we plead. There are two choices that can be… Continue reading God Uses The Bad And Turns It Into Good

My Life

Becoming A Humbled Blogger | Life Update

Updated: 01/16/2021 - Edited some sentences  Just want to jump on here, and thank everyone again for your support. From the numbers I've been seeing, more people have been stopping by, and reading the posts. I'm please to add, this has been for both of my blogs. God is at work in my life, which… Continue reading Becoming A Humbled Blogger | Life Update