You’re Too Young, I’ve No Need To Listen To You

Now over the years, I’ve been humbled from my feelings. Though here and there, I still feel some pricks. Even though I’m in my late 20s, I still have some of the same experiences I did when I was 13. Which is what led me to talk about this.

I’ve brought this up in My Calling | Maybe You Were Like Me , if you are curious to hear about my own experiences. But this post will focus more so on the problem of being misunderstood in the church because of being young.


Everyone Wanted To Teach Me Something

Now, this isn’t a problem, at first. The only main issue is that adults were so focused on making the lesson, or dare I say, their own voice being heard that I got drowned out a lot. I did have some adults who truly listened to what I had to say. Those that did often were fascinated with my words, and it encouraged me to keep opening up. No matter what.


Being Ignored

I’ve said this a couple of times, but I want to put the focus on this. When you are young, especially a teenager, and you want to talk about God, it’s a huge deal. Being part of an adult discussion, and having your voice heard is just as important as anyone else speaking.

But adults tend to water down their talk, or completely dismiss (by not listening) to what youth is saying.

The result?

Well, you may have some angry teens, or hurt teens.

And another result is because you aren’t listening to teens, you may answer them back with their own words. In your eyes, you’re teaching them something, but all they see is someone being a hypocrite and a bad listener.

They don’t see Christ, and this may explain why so many teens fall out of the church once they become an adult.

No one is truly listening to them.

How can one not feel upset by this?

It happens, and it happens way too often.


What To Do

If you have someone younger than you talking about Christ, listen to them. Hear them out. Don’t look at them and think, “Okay, they are interested. Clearly, this is the opportunity to teach them something.”

This may sound weird, but before you teach, listen.

Listening is the main way to tell where someone else is with Christ. That’s how you figure out what to discuss.

God used my voice to reach others to me. Never let people shut you up about God, no matter the age.

Be respectful, but be heard as well.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM

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6 thoughts on “You’re Too Young, I’ve No Need To Listen To You

    1. 🙂 I love the scriptures of God encouraging His young prophets, and then Jesus telling the adults to calm down. I will say the whole experience helped me keep an open mind to listen to younger ones because I know what’s it like. ❤
      Thank you for reading my blogs 🙂

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