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Song Sunday | Already There (Casting Crowns)

Like threads of a web, our life connects to greater meaning, such as the song in this week’s selection.

“Already There”, by Casting Crowns


Everything is new to our journey, so we question God. We can’t see what His plan is for us.  But God already knows, and He is awaiting us.

It’s a comfort because it means we are held in the hand of the One most mighty.

It’s a great reminder, from God’s perspective, He is seeing everything fit into place.

We may come across rocky waves, but Jesus calms the sea.

So when you have a hard day or are struggling right now, look up.

God knows what He is doing. Cling to Him. Trust Him. Don’t give up.

God is already there.

Casting Crowns is considered both Contemporary Christian and Christian Rock. Check out their song below, and support them on iTunes.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PMIf you would like to play a Christian playlist in the background, here is the YouTube playlist I’ve put together with over 400 songs on it. Featuring all of the Song Sunday songs, and more. Variety of genres, all Christian. 

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14 thoughts on “Song Sunday | Already There (Casting Crowns)

      1. Same here! Have you ever listened to the band Leeland? They’re my absolute favorite 🙂 Their song ‘My Jesus’ is the first one by them that really touched me.

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      2. No, actually. Though I noticed that in one of the posts you wrote. I’ll have to check them out. I could give you a huge list of all the Christian bands/singers I’ve found. I don’t care for rap, but I actually found one Christian rapper who hands down I like.

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      3. You should, I love them 🙂 I’d like to see that list! I like a few of TobyMac’s songs (he raps in a lot of his songs), but for the most part, I don’t listen to rap very much. My mom likes the band dcTalk, so I’ve heard her listening to some of their old songs, haha. They have some great ones!


      4. Going to give name and at least one song to check out (in your free time of course, if you want to) In no particular order Hawk Nelson (Drops in the Ocean), Jason Grey (Sparrows), Hollyn (Awe), Sanctus Real (Lead Me), Chris Tomlin (Whom Shall I fear), Casting Crowns (Slow Fade), Finding Favor (Refuge), Tenth Avenue North (By Your Side), Sidewalk Prophets (Help Me Find It), MercyMe (Greater), Danny Gokey (Rise), Michael W. Smith (Sky Spills Over), 7eventh Time Down (God Is On The Move), Fireflight (Desperate), The Afters (Battles), Elevation Worship (Give Me Faith), Mandisa (Back To You), Kutless (Even If), Thousand Foot Krutch (Set Me Free), Ashes Remain (Right Here), Red (So Far Away), Mikeschair (All I Can Do), Newsboys (God’s Not Dead), Skillet (Whispers In The Dark), Matthew West (Strong Enough), Ryan Stevenson (In The Eye of the storm), Audio Adrenaline (Kings & Queens), Upspoken (Call It Grace), Colton Dixion (More Of You), TobyMac (Move), Jordon Felix (Beloved), Stars Go Dim (Walking Like Giants), Love and Outcome (The God I know), Britt Nicole (Walk On Water), Jonny Diaz (Breathe), Micah Taylor (Never Been A Moment), Carrolton (Tell Me), Francesca Battistelli (Holy Spirit), King & Country (Fix My eyes), Ginny Owens (Ordinary), Matt Maher (Lord I need You), NF (Oh Lord), Lauren Dangle (Loyal), Relient K (For the Moments I feel faint) Jonah33 (I want a faith like that)…Goodness okay. I’ve spent time tracking down some of these songs. Hope you find some new music you enjoy. 🙂 I threw in some that I enjoyed as a teen as well after Lauren, but I hope you enjoy them. If you do let me know what you think

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      5. This is an AWESOME list! Thanks so much for sharing with me. I’m going to bring it up later on this evening and look some of them up on YouTube. I’ll probably start at the beginning of the list, then go all the way through it 🙂

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      6. All down to Lauren are available on youtube, I even went on my list debating over which one to suggest to you, that you may like. The God I know, Tell Me, Sparrows, and Refuge I highly suggest. 🙂

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      7. No problem! Even if not all are in your taste, totally fine, I’m sure you’ll find some new ones, and that’s awesome. I’m always into Christian music and finding songs I’m attracted to. The song Tell Me, when I first heard it, brought me to tears. I had a bad day. Sparrows played on the radio when I had a mental breakdown, and the lyric, “If He can hold the world, He can hold this moment.”

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