Song Sunday

Song Sunday | Never Alone (Barlow Girl)

The times when we feel fear and question, “Is God there?” I can recommend an amazing song to listen to.

“Never Alone,” by Barlow Girl

This song has been one I’ve clung to since I was about thirteen. I highly recommend it, in the times of struggling.

It begins with the singer questioning God’s lack of physical appearance, and whether or not His listens. But as she continues, she is reminded that God is there, and therefore we are never left alone.

The song reiterates the power of trusting God beyond what we can seen.

God is always with us, and we are never alone.

Barlowgirl is a Christian Pop/Rock band formed by three sisters. Check out their song below, and support their music.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM

If you would like to play a Christian playlist in the background, here is the YouTube playlist I’ve put together with over 400 songs on it. Featuring all of the Song Sunday songs, and more. Variety of genres, all Christian. 


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