Midweek Inspiration | Each New Day

The quote, “The best is yet to come,” is a treasure we can hold onto for the rest of our life. You see, we may have good days and maybe even great days. But we don’t only have to have one “best” day of our life.

The promise of each new day allows us to have multiple “best” days ever.

How sad would it be if we lived our life fearing all is lost, and nothing new can happen. God gives us renewal when we cling to Him.

Take heart, with each new day, “The best is yet to come.”


Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM

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6 thoughts on “Midweek Inspiration | Each New Day

  1. I am always wanting the “best” days or events in my life to be perfect . Your words helped me to know that not every “best” day has to be perfect and to just enjoy the moment! Thank you!
    – Megan Joy

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