“God, I’m Done. It’s Up To You.” | Ending Of Toxic Church

This is technically the last part of my toxic church experience , but it isn't about a toxic church anymore. In fact, despite what the title says, this is a GOOD story. In the last post, I discovered I had grown bitter from my whole experience. So I worked on giving God my bitterness and learning … Continue reading “God, I’m Done. It’s Up To You.” | Ending Of Toxic Church

God Still Sees Me Even When I Struggle

Do you ever have those thoughts that quietly enter your mind, and whisper a deep secret of the soul? I had one of those a couple nights ago. This scripture prompted the thought. (NLT) 1 Peter 1:14, "So you must live as God's obedient children. Don't slip back into your old ways of living to satisfy … Continue reading God Still Sees Me Even When I Struggle

Midweek Inspiration | Same Road For Failure And Success

When I saw this quote, I immediately was encouraged by its truth. We are so, SO used to falling. Often times, afraid to stand up again, and try. But the truth gives such an encouraging motive. Others have failed before us, and have succeeded. It's just simply whether we choose defeat, or to stand. Sometimes, … Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | Same Road For Failure And Success

Stop Thinking We Know It All

Our emotions can overrule our thoughts. Fears dictate we will be afraid for the rest of our life. Anger boasts we will never forgive. Depression deceives our heart. We have hope in Christ. And God says He knows the plans for us, we don't. So when we grip the wheel and yell at God for … Continue reading Stop Thinking We Know It All

Song Sunday | Refuge (Finding Favor)

It was a Friday morning I dropped off my husband at the Little Rock airport. I was upset because my husband was going back to Korea to serve the rest of his tour there, and it would be three and a half months more before I saw him again. I had to drive myself back home, … Continue reading Song Sunday | Refuge (Finding Favor)

TheCramm Award

I am behind on blogger award nominations. For those of you who have kept up, this month, in general, has been hectic. Praying for answers, getting answers, and moving forward. There is still so much to do after we get back to our home state. That being said, I've wanted to get to the nominations … Continue reading TheCramm Award

God Is My Great One | Song/Poem To God

For several years, I've given the nickname, "Great One" to God. It has special meaning for my book series, but also in general of everything He has done in my life. The word great is such a simple term, but complex, at least to me. My Lord is the same. He is simple in many … Continue reading God Is My Great One | Song/Poem To God

Are We Like Jonah?

As I write this, we have three packers in our home. What I have been worrying and stressing over, God granted. We got our movers. And movers do make me nervous. Strangers in your home, packing your stuff. Hoping things go over smoothly, things don't break etc. It's just the stress of moving in general. … Continue reading Are We Like Jonah?

Midweek Inspiration | Purpose In Trials

One of my favorite songs is Lift Me Up, by The Afters. It is packed full of the reassurance that even in the darkest of times, the times when we are so unsure, unhappy with ourselves, can't face ourselves, that even then, God loves us. He loves us through our trials enough to teach us … Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | Purpose In Trials

God’s Strength Will Get Us Through

It isn't easy to trust God, but it isn't easier to trust the world. Mankind will fail us. But God...never! Take strength in His name. Walk boldly toward Him with lifted hands. The Lord is with you. And with God, all things are possible. You will get through this week. May you seek God at … Continue reading God’s Strength Will Get Us Through