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Song Sunday | Living In Awe


What does it mean to live in awe? Today, we seek out the answer.

To be in awe means to have a feeling of respect mixed with fear or wonder. In the case of God, I feel awe could be a mix of both fear and wonder.

Which leads us to today’s song selection.

“Awe,” by Hollyn

Prayer often is the place we can meet God.

Brokenness often is the tie we need to bond with Christ.

When we are brought to our knees to a holy and righteous God.

That’s when we feel Him.

This song shows exactly this.


The first verse alone depicts how there are no words needed when we are clinging to God. We can feel His presence alone. We don’t have to worry about stumbling over our words because God knows us.

He has followed our footsteps.

Though we are unclean. He washes us.

Though we stumble. He picks us up.

To which we look at God in awe.

Hollyn is an American Christian Rock/Hip Hop singer. Check out her powerful song below and support her music on iTunes.

In Awe – Hollyn

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM

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