TheCramm Award

I am behind on blogger award nominations. For those of you who have kept up, this month, in general, has been hectic. Praying for answers, getting answers, and moving forward. There is still so much to do after we get back to our home state.

That being said, I’ve wanted to get to the nominations people have kindly given me.

TheCramm Award was created by Liv .

I got nominated by this amazing girl I got to know about a month ago, Maggie.

Her blog Dreaming of Guatemala  covers recipes, accomplishments in her life, and much more. She is open and honest in her writing, sharing some of her struggles as well. Kindness doesn’t even begin to describe this girl. She tries hard at putting the spotlight on others. With the love of Christ in her heart, she hopes to one day be in the mission field in Guatemala, thus the inspiration for her blog. I highly recommend you check her out!!

Onto the award…

Award Info

So I’ve tried to look up the award, and not sure exactly what the theme or meaning is. So what I’ve gathered from Maggie’s post. Answer the following:

Three things that motivate you to blog.

Three people who motivate you to blog.

One word to improve the world. 

And then a question from the person who nominated you. 


TheCramm Award

Three things that motivate me to blog

1. I would say music is a good motivator. I love inspirational music and praise worship. It helps me draw closer to God and pushes me to write about what inspires me.

2. Reading other blogs definitely motivates me. Reading, in general, is very helpful for writers, and as a blogger, seeing other ideas and topics is both motivational and inspiring. You guys teach me so much, you have no idea 🙂

3. Deadlines…I mean it isn’t the most inspirational reason to feel motivated haha, but it’s true. I look at the posts I have planned and scheduled, and try to write those first. I have a number of drafts as well, with titles jotted down on things I want to write, and scheduling certain ones pushes me to write them.


Three people that motivate me to blog

1. My mom. Mom, you read all of my blog posts and have supported my writing since I was 13.

2. Rachel, from The Buttercup Lamb, she and I have been friends since 2014 when we started talking more. We grew up basically in the same hometown, but God didn’t plan our friendship till after I moved. Rachel, you have supported my writing for years, and I’m always looking forward to your thoughts on my pieces. I’m so grateful that you are one of my friends!! 🙂

3. Grace. I met Grace online as well. She married a guy I graduated high school with. She was a military wife and girlfriend before I became one. Her input helped me a lot when I had questions. From this friendship of ranting and tangents, we also shared the love of writing. Grace is packed full of deep thought and comedy. She also has been reading my blogs since I started, and like Rachel, I really look forward to her input. And girl, if you make a blog on here, I will be your #1 fan!


One thing to improve the world? 

Patience. I think patience is connected in so many parts of our heart and our life. How we interact with others. How we work on prayer time with God. It isn’t always about getting what we want, at this very second. It isn’t always about people being on OUR time. I feel I’ve overstressed about how people react to me, simply because I’m impatient. People get busy. People have lives. That doesn’t mean they are offended at me talking to them. But with my impatience, I worry and overthink things. Patience is definitely something that would help me. 🙂 And I’m working on it.


Maggie’s Question:

What’s your favorite inspiring quote? Why does it inspire you?

Hmm, girl you definitely asked a hard question. I have SO many quotes I love. So I’ll share one of my favorites, which is by Nicole Weider.

“Whatever struggle you are facing, 

God has already equipped you

to overcome it.” 

God has indeed given us everything we could possibly need if we would only go to Him. That’s why it inspires me. To look at God, and not at myself or my weakness, but to focus on His strength.

My nominees for TheCramm award are

Rachel- The Buttercup Lamb

Jirah- Jirah Merizz

Megan- Simply Megan Joy

My question for you is, “What was a time in your life in which something happened, and you wish it would have went better than it did? Would you change this moment now if you had the chance?” 

Thanks for reading!! Check out all of the wonderful bloggers listed, and have a great rest of the weekend!!!

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM

(Can’t get enough posts? Check out my second blog Peeking Beneath)

13 thoughts on “TheCramm Award

  1. Thank-you, my friend I am honored! I am very grateful for our friendship 🙂 You are an awesome writer and I’m happy to support the work you do here on your blog. (And I still love reading the test runs too.) God has given you talent and to see you using it to honor Him and bless others is wonderful. Thank-you for your encouragement it means a lot to me!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Aww thank you for your kind words about me ❤ That means a lot 🙂 Patience is a great way to change the world, and I love the quote you chose! It's moving and inspiring. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Maggie! You definitely are inspiring, and are going to do amazing things! I’m so grateful to have you as a friend : ) and be able to read your work. When you become famous, I’m gonna be like…”Yo, I know her!”

      Liked by 1 person

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