Song Sunday | Refuge (Finding Favor)

It was a Friday morning I dropped off my husband at the Little Rock airport. I was upset because my husband was going back to Korea to serve the rest of his tour there, and it would be three and a half months more before I saw him again.

I had to drive myself back home, and I have bad driving anxiety. Traffic was crowded. Trembling and trying to keep my breathing easy. I held onto the wheel, blinked back tears, and talked to God. Prayed when I had to merge lanes. Prayed when I was in-between two school buses.

Blinking back tears of relief when I knew where I was. And as soon as I had reached my relief, this song played on the radio, and waterworks began again. It was as if this song reminded me of why I believe.

“Refuge,” by Finding Favor

pexels-photo.jpgEven if everything around us fails, God will keep us secure. That’s who He is. He is within us, and He keeps us safe. He holds onto us.

Making our soul and spirit rise in delight, we hold onto God.

No matter how far we go, or how long we search, nothing and no one else will ever compare to the love of Christ.

God is our refuge.


Finding Favour is an American Christian Contemporary band. Check out one of my favorite songs below, you won’t be disappointed. Support their music on iTunes.

Refuge- Finding Favour

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM

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