Song Sunday | Times (Tenth Avenue North)

This song has touched my soul when I was in despair when I needed to feel God’s hand on me. The words spoke what my heart cried out.

“Times,” by Tenth Avenue North

The beginning truly comes from a place most, if not all of us, have been at one time or another. The time we drifted from God, yet feel the tug to go to back to Him. The longing to want God back, to feel His presence.

And yet, when the Lord draws close, we are afraid of Him. We are afraid to admit our faults. We struggle to trust His forgiveness.

Therefore, we have walls built up around us. We struggle to let God in.

But nonetheless…through the love of Christ, God answers us.

God’s love is on all sides of us. Every time of our life. In the good and bad, but especially the bad. During the times we truly feel not worthy to be loved, that’s when God is pouring over us, hoping we will rush into His arms.

~ T. R. Noble

Tenth Avenue North is a American Christian Rock/Pop/Indie Rock. Please check out this beautiful song below, and support their music on iTunes.


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