100 Followers | What I’ve Learned As A Blogger

Thank You! 

On the first of July, 2017 I reached 100 followers!

You all are incredible! Thank you for your support, comments, and readership. I have been watching, adapting, and growing throughout this past year. I wanted to share with you my experience as a blogger and what I’ve learned up to this point. What worked, and what didn’t work.

Thank you, everyone!!

Ironically enough, this post is my 101th post for Inside Cup.

A little over a year ago, June 2016, I wrote my first post on Inside Cup. I only had a couple of views, usually under 10, and this lasted for several months. I admit, I’ve read some of your milestones, while questioning my own ability as a writer.

Some of you have achieved your first 100 followers within a span of a few months, if not shorter. And wow, is all I can say!! You guys are amazing, and I rejoice with you 🙂 Seeing the bloggers around me grow, gain new readers, and continue new ideas, it makes me so happy!

So what I am going to talk about won’t apply directly to you, but for those of you who haven’t reached 50 followers or 100 followers. Those of you, who have had your blog up for over six months or longer. I’m talking to you.

Because that’s where I was, wondering if this was what God truly wanted me to do. (Read my first blog here)


The Beginning 

From June to August 2016, I wrote one post about every week. That was it.

Views were basically on a standstill. I really wasn’t going forward much.

I didn’t have a schedule. I didn’t have a particular plan. I simply wrote what I felt.

Mid August, my husband returned from Korea, and we moved from Little Rock, AR to Fort Walton Beach, FL. There was a period of adjusting, reconnecting, and trying to get settled once more. I worked on my book series timeline, character backstories, etc.

Blogging took a break for the most part. It was in November, I believe, I started my second blog, Peeking Beneath The Rock, which shares more writer/life posts. It allows me the opportunity to expand, while I can keep Inside Cup more focused.

I was still around maybe 30 followers or less by the end of 2016, six months after I started my first post on Inside Cup.


Desire To Improve 

If you’re new here, what you may not know is that my husband and I have been going through a rather difficult road, especially this past month in June. Total chaos, lack of control, and learning to cling to God was my prescription the Holy Spirit assigned to me.

I knew the beginning of 2017 that we would later deal with these issues. I knew we would be confused, scared, and frustrated. So, New Year’s Eve, I talked to God. Rain pelted against the window screen, splashing against the wooden frame. Yet, a firework rose within the sky, exploding in its complete form. The rain…it didn’t matter. It didn’t hinder the firework at all.

I felt like God was telling me, even when it’s dark, even when it seems like nothing is going to work out, He has me. He has a plan.

So the first week of the new year, I decided to push my writing for Him. I wanted to become better, and I wanted to reach people.  I started to write consistently, at least once a week for each blog, since at that time, I wasn’t consistent with either blog.

I learned about the importance of tags, categories, and PICTURES. My posts up, until this point, did not have pictures added to them. So I went through ALL of my past posts, added pictures and tags.

I remember each day, sitting down, and for the next 4-6 hours, I would work on blogs and writing.


Encouraged To Give More 

At the end of March, I sat down on the floor, in front of a huge dry erase board, and wrote down ideas for posts I could do for the week, for both blogs. I was prepared to start April with the mindset to reach out more to my readers.

Sundays: Inside Cup were Song Sundays

Mondays: Peeking Beneath the Rock were alternative Provoking Poetry or Quality Quote

Tuesdays: Open

Wednesdays: Peeking Beneath the Rock some writer/inspirational/life piece

Thursdays: Inside Cup, deep in depth post involving scripture

Fridays: Open

Saturday: Peeking Beneath the Rock were Write With Me pieces


Positive Response 

April, 2017 was when I started seeing a change. People were starting to follow me more. Views increased on posts as well. I had to write more than what I was used to, but it indeed disciplined me as a writer.

In fact, around May, I decided to add some new weekly pieces.

Tuesdays: Inside Cup, post with encouraging scripture

Wednesdays: Inside Cup, positive quote post

Fridays: Inside Cup, life updates/personal thoughts if available

Saturdays: Inside Cup, Nomination Awards or extra posts that didn’t fit in other days.

Last year, I used to stress about one weekly post, I now do a minimum of seven posts a week, or on a busy week about nine.

Up until this point, I hadn’t really explored the blogging community. Therefore, I started looking for bloggers who shared similar interests. It’s been wonderful to support fellow writers, and some I consider friends. 🙂

This REALLY spiked my views and people following me. When we get engaged with each other, we’re going to support each other. We can’t really do anything in life alone, and as Christians, we are not suppose to.

These all were basic, but very important, lessons I had to learn, and yes, it definitely took me much longer than some.


I Doubted Myself

I don’t think I took myself seriously at first, I didn’t have confidence or believe in myself. Which, ironically, was one of the very first pieces I wrote about last year. A pastor told me that God was telling him, I believed in God and had confidence in Him, but not myself. I needed to put confidence in myself.

God has given me a talent, and I’ve been learning how I need to refine my skills. I can’t hide the talent in the ground, as scripture says. I need to increase the work of my hands. Continue to grow, and be humble, no matter the stats.

Overall, I’m glad it took me quite a bit to achieve 100 followers. I’m glad God used the time to have my focus be on Him, and not my stats because I’ll be honest, I did struggle with that.

There’s been so many of you in different countries all over the world, and I’m grateful you’ve checked out my blog. This blog in particular has shown me this is what God wants.


I Believe This Is God’s Plan

Before I become a Christian author, I must have a solid foundation as a Christian writer, and God Almighty is providing that.

You all are helping me see that His word is alive in my life, that He is speaking through me. I thank you all for helping me get this far, and encouraging me to keep writing. ❤

Don’t give up when your goals aren’t met in the time you want them to be.

Remember, God’s timing is the right timing. If we haven’t reached our goal yet, God has a reason. Maybe, we are in the way of what He is trying to show us. I know, I had to step aside, and let God be God.

And He opened the door.

Don’t hide your talent, refine it! 

~T. R. Noble 



24 thoughts on “100 Followers | What I’ve Learned As A Blogger

    1. Thank you!! I wasn’t a consistent blogger till I started a WordPress, and even then it took quite a bit of time to adjust, learn the ropes. It’s a different form of writing. You don’t have to, but I definitely think as a writer, we need to learn about our audience as well. And this has helped me a lot, and I know will also help my writing for my books. : )

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      1. You’re welcome! And same – blogging is waaay easier to keep up with on WordPress, I don’t know why. Probably because of how awesome the community is!

        Liked by 1 person

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