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Sometimes All We Need Is One Sign

It is hard to wait for something we desire. It’s harder to find out that our goals and priorites need to change.

That what we thought was what right for life isn’t.

But, this is why as Christians, we must be tuned in to God. Crank up the radio, or Jesus’ YouTube channel and listen to Him.

God will be clear. He will direct us.

And the day we follow the Holy Spirit’s calling, instead of our own voice, God’s answer will be more than clear to us.

(NIV) Matthew 2:10, “When they saw the star, they were overjoyed.” 

How is God speaking in your life?

~T. R. Noble 


8 thoughts on “Sometimes All We Need Is One Sign

  1. He’s teaching me to trust Him more than ever before, especially with my family and my future, challenging my faith to run deeper than I thought possible. ❤ 2017 has been a beautiful journey so far.

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