What’s Up With Those Hypocritical Pictures, Christians?


I already know.

You love PRICKLY PEARS TOO! (Ahem, I actually have never tried them.)

But yes, this will be a prickly post to keep us all accountable, as believers in Christ.

This is more in regards to social media, but it could relate to other forms of media as well.


Everyone is watching. Just like they watched Christ. Don’t be a stumbling block.

If we are to be examples of Christ, that includes what we look at, and what we share on social media. Anything that we share, represents us, and our choice of what we are willing ourselves to be part of.

It shows people what kind of relationship we have with Christ.

What we proclaim to have at least, because, in truth, reality may show lack of. Do we only speak God’s name in the bad? Is that when we only pray? Do we only speak of blessings in the good?

I believe that God convicts us as individuals. There are a set of particular things that are clear in the Bible to give up. But what happens when we continue a relationship with Christ, is by and by we will continue to give up things of this world, to draw closer to Him.

Some of these things may take a bit of time to be weaned off of. But when we feel the Holy Spirit prick us, that means we are sensitive to feel Him in our life, and we need to hear Him out. Don’t let our hearts be hardened because we cling too much to this world, and our own pleasures.


In doing so, truly following Christ, and wanting Jesus in our heart, means to not be of this world.

Be wary of sexual, vulgar, and demeaning material when on social media.

Again, we are not to be of this world because Jesus didn’t follow the world, He followed God. And we are to follow Christ.

Don’t forget that. Sometimes we only have one chance to show Jesus in us.

Be a light bearer, not someone who picks and chooses when to show it.

Do you like the idea of God picking and choosing when He loves you and wants you in His life?


Don’t do it to Him.


(All Images Are From Pexels)


10 thoughts on “What’s Up With Those Hypocritical Pictures, Christians?

  1. So true. As we look through the lens of our cameras it like God looking through our eyes and listening through our ears!!! Everyone is watching. Are we walking the walk or just talking the talk? As we journey through and see the USA Through Our Eyes we remember He is watching. Great post and a great reminder.

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  2. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!


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