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New Series Coming | Introduction To The Bible

I’ve been inspired to do this, and I think it will help a lot of people. 🙂

You may, or may not, be familiar with my How To Study The Bible series I wrote a while back.

Part 1- Framework of the Bible

Part 2- Prayer (Focus on God)

Part 3 – Learning Scripture

Part 4- Applying Scripture 

Many people feel intimidated by reading the Bible. I’ve heard so many people say,

“I don’t know where to start.”

“The Bible is confusing.”

“It doesn’t make sense.”


In order to understand the Bible, we need to know the overall point, which is basically God created the world, the universe, and mankind. But despite all the good God gave, mankind still chose self. This resulted in sin. There is nothing mankind could ever do to fix this, and so God gave us Jesus. Through Jesus, our sins are forgiven, we are cleansed in Him, and we can start a new life.

Throughout the Old Testament, we constantly see how often God’s people did not choose Him. We see centuries worth of the rise and fall of God’s people. The Old Testament is definitely a historical record of our ancestors. Due to God’s people failing to keep their word, the covenant God made with them is broken. God’s people are captured, and for years, loss and heartache await them. But God does rise them up with caution and warning for them to change their ways. But even after everything from beginning to capture, God’s people still haven’t changed. This is why we start seeing prophecies of the coming Messiah.

Which is where the New Testament starts. With the coming Messiah. It covers Jesus’ birth, His lineage (which is made more understandable when we become familiar with the Old Testament), His teachings, His death, His resurrection, and His ascension. Before He returns to the Father, however, He gives the disciples The Great Commission.


This is when He tells His disciples, and us, to go to all the ends of the earth preaching the gospel. As Christians, we need to let others know about God’s goodness and His love which is from Jesus Christ. After this, the rest of the books, aside from the last, cover things believers need to know, work on, and possibly give up. Everything is about the refining process we get from receiving the Holy Spirit, and changing our life because we are a new creation in Christ.

Therefore, to help those who are struggling, those who enjoy learning, and to keep all of us accountable, I want to cover each book of the Bible. Not in huge detail, because we need to still read the Bible on our own. But I think with the clarity it may be more encouraging, and less intimidating.

Please join me on this journey 🙂

I look forward to seeing how it will all play out!

~T. R. Noble 


9 thoughts on “New Series Coming | Introduction To The Bible

    1. When I started working on the summary for the book of Genesis I was reminded of how lengthy some posts will be, and the multiple pieces I feel need to be covered. This project is pushing me to pray about each post, and let my heart, mind, and hands be open to God. It will take quite a bit of time, but this is completely doable : ) I am pleased to say. From my own journey in learning scripture, and studying the Bible, I wonder now if God was preparing me for this project in particular. ❤


    1. Yes, in my How To Study the Bible series, I share at the beginning of this post. Pt. 2 covers the importance of prayer and asking God to guide us. 🙂 you are absolutely right!


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