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Midweek Inspiration | Through Drizzly Days

Edited: 01/16/2021

Today, I visited a friend of mine. It should have a fairly easy drive, but it was full of stops.

Dark clouds loomed in the horizon, flashes of lightning sparked. My windshield started fogging on the outside, which even with my defroster, it refused to calm down. Then when I thought I had it under control, the fogginess continued to grow.

In order to make sure I felt safe and could figure out the problem, I stopped in a parking lot at a store.

That’s when the pelting rain hit.

Wind brushed against the car, and I felt movement.

Sheets of rain splashed in waves across the roads.

So I waited, in the safety of my car. And I thought, “You know, maybe God used the fog to stop me from driving in THAT.”

Once the rain passed, I got to my friend’s house safely and with no issues.

(Romans 8:28) 

~T. R. Noble 

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