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Genesis (1) Pt. 2 | Ch. 25 Esau & Jacob – Joseph (End)

Continuing from Pt.1  let’s jump into it.

Esau Sells Birthright

We learn about the nature of Esau and Jacob from Ch.25:27. Esau was a hunter, versus Jacob was a “mild,” man, who stayed in tents.

Ch.25:29-34 It shouldn’t be a surprise that Jacob could make an amazing stew, while Esau being out and about would become tired. But it so happened Esau came in from the field and asked for Jacob to give him some of the stew Jacob made.

Jacob says Esau can have it only if he sells his birthright to Jacob.

Esau agrees, and this begins the prophecy God told Rebekah, that the older would serve the younger.


Isaac Blesses Jacob

(Ch.27:01-46)  In the end of Pt.1 in Ch.25, we learned that Rebekah favored Jacob. So in Ch.27 when Isaac is old, and his eyes dim that he couldn’t see (Ch.27:01) he tells Esau to hunt a savory piece of game for him. After Isaac eats the meal Esau will bring him, Esau will be blessed.

But Rebekah also was listening to this. She proceeds to tell Jacob all Isaac told Esau. She wants Jacob to get the blessing. Therefore, she tells him to get two kid goats so she can make his father’s savory food. (Ch.27:08-10)

Jacob is concerned Isaac may reach out to him, and find that his skin is smooth, unlike his brother who is very hairy. Rebekah assures him that if there is a curse because of what they are doing, the curse will be on her. (Ch.27:12-13)

She puts Esau’s clothes on Jacob, the skins of the goats on him as well, and hands him the food. Jacob goes forward with the plan, lying to his father that he is Esau. Isaac, believing this was truly Esau, blesses Jacob with the highest blessing he could give. (Ch.27:15-29)

Through Isaac blessing Jacob, Esau in despair learns from his father that Jacob is basically now the master of Esau. (Ch.27:36-37)

Ch.27:41-46 Esau plans, after mourning his father, to kill Jacob. This gets back to Rebekah, she warns Jacob to leave until Esau cools down.


Bride For Jacob

Ch.29:01-30 It’s important to understand the dilemma Jacob faced in trying to marry his wife because it explains later why Joseph’s brothers struggled, and why Joseph was favored. Jacob wanted to marry Rachel, but in order for him to marry Rachel, he had to work for her father.

Jacob worked seven years for Rachel’s father, and on the night of marriage, Leah, Rachel’s older sister, was given to him. It wasn’t until morning Jacob realized what had happened. Laban, the father, explained the firstborn must be married first. So it was agreed, after one week, Rachel would be given as a wife to Jacob, as well.

Jacob worked for Laban an additional seven years.


Wrestling With God | Importance Of Jacob’s Name (Israel)


(Ch.32:24-26) Jacob was alone, and a Man wrestled with him all night. Nearing daybreak, Jacob says that he will not let Him go till He blesses him. Which God does. (This is also one of my favorite inspirational scenes of scripture. Hold onto God, and don’t let go)

This is why throughout the Bible the name Jacob and Israel is important. God gives Jacob the name Israel as part of Jacob’s blessing. (Ch.32:27-28)

Fun Fact: Ch.33:04 Esau does eventually meet up with Jacob and they reconcile.


Joseph And His Jealous Brothers 


(Ch.29:31-35) Leah, unfortunately, wasn’t as loved as Rachel, since she wasn’t the intended wife Jacob wanted. Because of this, God showed her favor and blessed her with having many sons. Eventually, God allows Rachel’s womb to be open, and both she and Jacob have Joseph.

Ch.37:03-04 Jacob is ecstatic with Joseph, and favors him over his brothers. Making him the famous coat of many colors, for example. Joseph begins to have dreams, and these dreams only make his brothers hate him more, as his dreams depict him ruling over them.

(Ch.37:18-37) One day Joseph’s brothers plotted to kill him but were convinced by their brother Reuben not to kill him. Instead, they put him in a pit and sold him as a slave. Lying to their father, that Joseph was killed.


Joseph A Slave In Egypt


(Ch.39:01-23) Joseph is sent to work for a man named Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh. Ch.39:04, Joseph found favor with his master, and was put in charge as overseer. Unfortunately, Joseph’s upbringing wouldn’t save him from Potiphar’s wife. She found Joseph attractive and wanted him to be with her.

He denied her and even ran from her. But she had hold of his garment. As he ran away, the garment was left in her hands. She lied and claimed that Joseph tried to rape her, hiding the truth of her advances.

Potiphar, believing his wife, sends Joseph to jail. But even though times were extremely hard on Joseph, God still watched over him and made him prosper. (If you would like to read more about Joseph and how God helps us in hard times read here.)


 Joseph, Prisoners, & Dreams 


A butler of Pharaoh and a baker of Pharaoh are thrown into prison with Joseph. Both of them have confusing dreams. They are upset by not understanding and ask Joseph to interpret for them. (Ch.40:01-08)

Joseph tells the butler in three days, he will be restored to his position, and he requests that the butler remember him.

The baker, unfortunately, thinking since the butler had a positive outcome, was eager to hear from Joseph. But his dream revealed in three days, he would be beheaded.

All went according to as Joseph foretold, but the butler forgot about Joseph, and it wasn’t until two years later, that he would remember the man who encouraged him.


Joseph Rising To Power


Two years later, when Pharaoh started having troubling dreams, the butler remembered Joseph. He explains the situation of how he met Joseph to Pharaoh, and Pharaoh brings Joseph in to interpret his dreams.

Joseph starts off by explaining only God is the one giving him the answer. He proceeds to explain that Pharaoh’s dream has two parts. First, there will be a period of seven years in which the land will be plentiful. Second, there will then follow a period of seven years of famine. Joseph suggests methods for Pharaoh to begin work on gathering food for the famine.

Pharaoh, pleased with Joseph, raises him up to power.


Joseph Is Reunited With His Brothers


During the famine, Jacob sends his sons out to get grain, leaving one son behind, a sibling Joseph never got to meet. His son Benjamin, Rachel’s second son. Jacob is still fearful because of what he believed happened to Joseph.

Joseph immediately is aware of who his brothers are, but they don’t recognize him. So he puts them quite through an ordeal, but eventually reveals himself, while also getting to meet his little brother. He forgives them completely.

In fact, Joseph says he realizes that God knew everything that happened to him needed to happen. God prepared him for a situation he didn’t understand at the time, but God knew what He was doing. (Ch.45:08)

In-Between Chapters | End Of Genesis 

Ch.46– Jacob travels to Egypt

Ch.47– Joseph provides land for his brothers and father to live in. 

            Joseph deals with famine. 

Ch.48– Jacob blesses Joseph’s sons. 

Ch.49– Jacob’s last words to his sons. 

Ch.50– Joseph mourns father. Reassures brothers. Joseph dies and wants his bones to be brought to the Promised Land of God’s people. 


Timeline Review

-Creation– Ch.1

-Adam & Eve– Ch.2-3

-Cain & Abel– Ch.4

-Noah- Ch.6-9

-Tower of Babel– Ch.11 

-Abraham- Ch.12-18

-Sodom and Gomorrah– Ch.19 

-Abraham & Isaac (Birth, Sacrifice, Bride)-Ch.21-24

-Isaac’s Sons– Ch.25 

-Jacob’s Blessing And Wife- Ch.27-29

-Wrestling With God, Importance Of Jacob’s Name– Ch.32

-Joseph’s Dreams And Being Sold– Ch.37

-Joseph A Slave In Egypt– Ch.39 

-Joseph Interpreting Dreams– Ch.40-41

-Famine And Reveal To Brothers– Ch.42-45


Key Points Of Genesis

-God created the heavens, the earth, and everything in it. 

-Mankind fell because of sin. 

-We have authority over the earth, and we can have authority over our sin. We need to rule over our temptations, and follow God.

-Following God means that He will provide for us, even when things don’t make sense.

Okay, that is our first completed book summary of the Bible!! Congrats to everyone who has read through both parts!! Yay!

In total, I’ve spent a number of days working on these two posts for Genesis, and over 12 hours of work into it. But I don’t regret a thing! I think this is something God has been prepping me to do, and I will follow His call.

Guys, I AM going to do all of these books of the Bible!!

I know God will continue to provide for me, just like Abraham, when he told his son, “God will provide.”

Have a great weekend, and read your Bible : )

What Have You Read This Week?

~T. R. Noble

(Pictures used from Pixabay and Pexels)

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