Song Sunday

Song Sunday | Rise (Danny Gokey)

I first heard this song when I was struggling in trusting God. Trust is definitely something I struggle with sometimes, especially with the things I can’t see…and they happen to be the big stuff. But God is working with me, and on my heart ❤ Which is why I wanted to share,

“Rise,” by Danny Gokey

The song begins to discuss pain within us that we never fully got over. In times that we feel we want to move on, walk forward, be positive, become the person Christ is molding us to be…we feel like we can’t. We feel trapped.

Yet, we are reminded of God’s promise. He wants better for us.

What we have lost, God renews.

When our heart feels numb and frozen, God allows us to beat again. (Which happens to be another one of Danny’s songs)

We can’t hold onto the past. Grudges, unforgiveness, negativity and darkness. We need to rise above, and we can do that through Jesus Christ.

~T. R. Noble 

Danny Gokey is an American Christian Contemporary/Pop singer. Check out his song below, and support his music on iTunes.


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