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Exodus (2) Pt. 3 | Ch. 32 Golden Calf – End

Welcome back to the last part of Exodus. We will be covering Ch. 32-40 (the end)

If you need to catch up, Pt. 1 (Ch. 1 -Ch. 15) click here

Pt. 2 (Ch. 15-31) click here


Golden Calf & Consequence Is Death 

Remember when the people of Israel said they would uphold everything God has told them?

Ch. 32 Moses spends some time on the mountain, so the people get idle…and desire to make an idol. They go to Aaron, and he instructs them to give him their gold jewelry. As soon as the molded image is made, immediately the people claim this image got them out of Egypt…

Aaron builds an alter before it.

Ch. 32:07-13 God tells Moses to go down from the mountain because the people have corrupted themselves. God was fully prepared to unleash His angry wrath on the people, and make Moses a great nation. But Moses pleaded with Him. He pleads for the Lord to remember that these are God’s people, and the people of a promise He made with Abraham, Isaac, and Israel (Jacob).

God relents.

But fury and wrath was delivered that day. Moses goes down, reaches the golden calf and breaks the two rock slabs of the Ten Commandments. He calls for those who stand with the Lord to go to the entrance of the camp. The sons of Levi gathered together toward him.

Moses declares (NIV) Ch. 32:27, “Then he said to them, “This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: ‘Each man strap a sword to his side. Go back and forth through the camp from one end to the other, each killing his brother and friend and neighbor.'”

Three thousand died that day.


Moving Forward, People Feel Disheartened 

Ch. 33 God does not go in the midst of the people because He is VERY angry. People mourn, and no one puts on ornaments.

(NIV) Exodus 33:13-14, “If you are pleased with me, teach me your ways so I may know you and continue to find favor with you. Remember that this nation is your people. The LORD replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

It is good to note how close Moses was with God, and God knew how much Moses was truly trying. This is something to apply to our life as well. 

Ch. 34 Verses 1-9 God tells Moses to make two new tablets, and God will write on the tablets the Ten Commandments once more. Verses 10-28 God reestablishes His covenant with the children of Israel. He writes out the 10 Commandments once more, and Moses stays on the mountain with the Lord for 40 days. No eating, and no drinking. When Moses returns down his face shines brightly, to the point it scares the people.

He would take the veil off before approaching the Lord, and put it back on when approaching the people.


In-between Summary of Chapters 

Rules for the Sabbath, Instruction for Tabernacle, Artisans called –Ch. 35 

Beginning building items for Tabernacle, Building the Tabernacle- Ch. 36

Make Ark of the Testimony, Making other items for Tabernacle- Ch. 37 

Alter of Burnt Offering, Bronze Laver, Court and Materials For Tabernacle- Ch. 38

Priesthood Garments Made, Tabernacle Finished- Ch. 39 

Tabernacle Erected and Arranged, The Glory of God Fills it! Ch. 40 

Timeline Review 

Summary of what happened after Joseph– Ch. 1 

Moses’ Birth, Moses kills Egpytian, and flees. Pharaoh sought out to kill him. He becomes a shepherd, and marries-  Ch.2

Burning Bush- Ch. 3

Moses’ unbelief and Aaron- Ch. 4 

Pharaoh increases work- Ch. 5

Moses’ unbelief and Aaron becomes spokesman- Ch. 6 

Approach Pharaoh, First Plague -Ninth Plague– Ch. 7-10 

Tenth Plague, Pharaoh’s order to to leave-  Ch. 12 

Reaching the Red Sea- Ch. 13 

Crossing the Red Sea- Ch. 14  

Bitter Waters, Mana, and Water from a Rock- Ch. 15-17 

Jethro’s advice to help Moses- Ch. 18 

God’s Requirements For Covenant- Ch. 19

Ten Commandments, Some Laws, Festivals, God explains He will drive out people from the land for Israel- Ch. 20-23

Rules For the Temple and Priesthood- Ch.25-28    

Aaron and His Sons Become the Priests- Ch. 29 

Rules and Laws Regarding Incense, Ransom Money, Bronze Laver, Holy Anointing Oil, and Incense- Ch. 30-31 

Gold Calf- Ch. 32  

Leave Sinai, New Tablets Made, Covenant Renewed, Moses’ Face Shines- Ch. 33-34

Rules For Tabernacle, Artisans Called, Building of Temple, Making Items and Altar, and Preparing the Tabernacle- Ch. 35-40 


Key Points Of Exodus 

– Even when we are unsure, God will make His way clear.

– We shouldn’t doubt God, especially when He has already shown us He has been there.

– When we struggle to do what God has called us to do, we shouldn’t forget He is with us in all things. He is with us. We are never alone!

See you next week for the third book of the Bible- Leviticus Pt. 1

~T. R. Noble 




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