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I’ve talked about prayer a couple of different times on this blog, and I highly recommend, if you are interested, to check out these posts.

Layers of Prayer series covers different levels of prayer intimacy we have with God, both in prayer, and somewhat reflective of our relationship with Him.

Pt. 1- Outer Layer

Pt. 2 Inner Layer

Pt. 3 Outer Soul

Pt. 4 Inner Soul

I want to add, if you feel awkward, embarrassed, or even ashamed that you feel unsure of how to talk to God, and pray… don’t be my friend. : )

This is something the disciples asked Jesus. Jesus answers them with the Lord’s Prayer. I do have a post going deeper in the Lord’s prayer as well. If you would like to check it out, click The Lord’s Prayer post .


The basis of what He tells them in Matthew 6:09-13 is this.

(1). Praise God
(2). Ask for His will to be done.
(3). Ask that He provides for you today.
(4). Ask that He forgives you, knowing He will forgive you as you forgive others.
(5). Ask that He helps you stay away from temptations, and keep you away from darkness, and evil.
(6) Praise Him again.

Prayer is simply talking to God.

No need for repetitiveness. No requirement of words. God is sufficient. There is no amount of prayer we could give Him to save ourselves, or make ourselves “look good”. You don’t have to impress Him.

Prayer is our communication with Him.

When you talk to God be honest, and above all else, do not hold back. Give Him everything, and talk to Him about everything. Conversation is just the surface of prayer. Prayer with the Lord comes with the intention you want Him to be with you, to be a part of your life, and with those intentions, this also means you want to be Christlike, and follow Him.

Let’s Begin!


Part. 1 of Prayer | Praising God

Worship is wonderful to have as a body of believers, and we should definitely partake in. But worship, nonetheless, has always been for God, whether we are with people or not. Jesus says go to Him behind closed doors for prayer (Matthew 6:06), it is a special time. You and Him.

It doesn’t have to be music, but worship music certainly can help set the mood, especially when not sure what to pray about. (Check out worship songs here )

Close your eyes, lift your hands, and/or kneel. This is a moment between you and God. Come as you are. If you are praising Him through tears, of sadness or joy, it’s okay! Sit, stand, or take off your socks cause you want to be on holy ground, it doesn’t matter.

You just want to show the Lord, you’re willing, and you want Him in your life. 🙂


Part. 2 Asking For His Will & Giving Him Others

This is the time to give Him requests of the people in your life. Asking for healing, for help, guidance, whatever that person may be going through. Asking for God’s will, also indicates we know a little bit about what God wants, and we can learn these things through the Bible.

It’s important we give the people we care for to God. This also includes classmates, people we may not get along with, strangers, our pastors, and others.

When asking for His will, we need to also pray and ask Him to help us seek Him no matter the answer. God may answer the prayer, but it could take time, and if we become bitter about it, or angry, we are only pulling ourselves away from Him.


Part. 3  Praying For Today & Giving Him Worries

Jesus said today, but we tend to always be focused on tomorrow. Talk to God about what is in your heart, and what the day brings for you. Pray that He goes ahead of you. Pray for protection. Pray that whatever situation you may be in that God will provide exactly what you will need.

Give Him your worries for tomorrow, and put trust in Him. Seek out scripture for encouragement.


Part. 4 Give Sins, Seek Forgiveness, & Give Forgiveness

Give Him your sins, mistakes, and judgments. In Psalms 19:12, David prayed for the Lord to examine his heart, and help him with sins he wasn’t even aware of. We may not know all of the seeds that have been planted in our heart, but we can ask God to bring to light what we need to work on.

Ask for forgiveness, remember God sees all, and knows all. Maybe there was a hidden thought you had whether judging of another, lusting after another, or wishing something negative. Maybe it was a bad day, and tempers were raised. Don’t let the sun go down on your anger, and do not bring others down with you when you fall. It’s easy for us to do.

Ask God for help to show love to others, especially when it is hard.

And…forgive those who have hurt you. Those who have wronged you. God will forgive us, as we forgive others. He watches our heart closely. Ask God for help with your pain, your heart, and your will to accept moving forward, instead of looking back on the wrongs of others. God will free you if you truly seek it.


Part. 5 Pray For Help To Turn From The Things We Can’t Be Part Of

This is a hard one because it often will bring us conviction, and who truly loves giving up what one originally wants to keep doing? It’s hard, but feeling conviction means we are in tune with the Spirit. We need to ask for help that God helps steer us away from the things that tempt us.

We need to ask the Holy Spirit to prick us when we are putting ourselves in situations that encourage tempting situations. This includes what we allow to be a part of our lives. There are a lot of things we can be exposed to that WILL desensitize us as Christians.

Books, Movies, Television, Music, People, Magazines, the Internet, etc, all of these can encourage us to take enjoyment from themes such as:

Lust- nudity, sexual themes, committing adultery  

Gore, violence, 

Disobeying God 

Downgrading Others 

Taking delight in the pain of others 



These are only a few. You, and only you know your relationship with Christ. I’m not saying being exposed will change you immediately. Rather, the more we expose ourselves, willingly,  the more we become desensitized. We are choosing ourselves and our pleasures over what God wants, and I am included in this.

We cannot serve two masters. Our life will reflect who we serve more, ourselves or God.

Writing this is exposing my heart, and God is convicting me. I didn’t want to go into this depth, but…I know I need to. 

If we ever wonder if there is anything we can give to Christ, take a good look at lifestyle.

Is there anything we are reading, watching, listening, or partaking of that we would not find Jesus Christ being part of? If we want ALL of Him, then beloved, we need to give Him ALL of US. Somethings won’t be given up overnight, and this is where prayer comes in.

Pray you see what God wants you to work on with Him.

God continues to help me with music, and movies. 


Part. 6 Praise Him Again

Give God thanks to what He has given you. Praise Him for what He WILL do, and what you are yet to see. 🙂 Be encouraged in His love and care.

Importance Of Prayer

We can’t skim the surface with God. We need to dive right in. We know how crucial communication is with other relationships we have with others. Our life, relationship, and eternality with Christ are largely founded on what kind of prayer life we have because it’s our time talking and listening to God.

Prayer time can happen anytime.  Chores, breaks, listening to worship music, etc. You don’t have to go through the full list. What we pray about shouldn’t become a routine check off list. But, these are all things to consider, understand, and know.

It gives us roots. It strengthens faith. It isn’t us gaining these things through prayer, rather, God giving them to us. During prayer, and in our life, God molds us. Take time for Him, and listen.

~T. R. Noble 


15 thoughts on “Prayer, What To Pray | Believer 101

  1. Great and inspiring post. This post will continue to help me with my prayer and how I pray because there are times where I pray for the wrong things. Thank you for the post.

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  2. Love it Prayer is such a simple and personal thing. Sometimes I get in a rut and just go through the motions. Thanks for reminding me what prayer needs to be.

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  3. There is so much good here. My prayer life does need a bit of improvement and this post reminds me of the prayer life I want to have. The part about turning away definitely spoke to me as it’s still fresh in my mind from writing the 50 Shades post.

    Liked by 2 people

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