Song Sunday

Song Sunday | Give Me Faith (Elevation Worship)

This week’s song is about asking for God’s help when we struggle. A perfect song to listen to after reading last week’s post about prayer.

“Give Me Faith,” by Elevation Worship

This song is basically a prayer. A plea from the heart for God to soften our own. For us to be able to see God at work in our life.

We want faith. We want to trust God. It’s that simple.

By the end of song, the singer believes though he is weak, God is strong. Though he may fail as a man, God WON’T!

When we desire Christ, and His hand in our life, we will give Him all of our life. And when there is nothing left for us to give that is the precise moment God shows us what faith is. I recommend listening to this song, and see if your heart is asking the same.

~T. R. Noble 

Elevation Worship is an American Christian Contemporary band. Check out their song below, and support them on YouTube and iTunes.


4 thoughts on “Song Sunday | Give Me Faith (Elevation Worship)

  1. Great post and such a great song choice. When we are down and we feel that God has forgotten us, we have to remember to ask God to “Give Us Faith” and help us through our brokenness.

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    1. Oh, yay!!! Im so happy for you!!! Feel free to check out my playlist whenever you’re looking for new music. I love Christian music and the different genres, and I wanted to spread the word, as I love finding new music too. Every Sunday (aside from this week) is a new song choice, and band. 🙂

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