Midweek Inspiration | Electrical Tape

After a wonderful six years of doing things on her own, she has finally realized she needs help.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my computer charging cord has a rip in it. For months, I’ve noticed the flicker of my cord breathing life into my computer. For months, I believed it was the part connecting to the computer. All the while not realizing where the cut, the wound, to my source of power truly lay.

Are we like this?

Maybe we think we know where the problem is. We are so sure we don’t look anywhere else.

Sometimes it’s a head and a heart problem.

The truth is the problem may lay very deep within us. It may need to be searched out to be dealt with. We want to cover the surface.

“I’m fine.”

“The problem exists because of someone else.”


Which may be true, but regardless, in the end, we are still affected. We still need to deal with the issue.

Search out your heart, and know what you struggle with. For my computer cord, I put electrical tape on it, to help with the problem, while I deal with it further.

For our life, we also need to apply for healing and protection. God is our tape. God is our answer. Christ is our healing. The Holy Spirit is our protection.

We are never alone while we suffer. Don’t ever underestimate the power, and love of Christ. ❤

And don’t let the wounds of your heart be forgotten or masked over. Everything needs to be dealt with, in order to truly move on.

Apply healing today.

~T. R. Noble 

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