You’re Allowed To Have Feelings | Even If Others Have It Worse

I wrote this on my other blog, Peeking Beneath. If you ever had a bad/toxic friendship before, this post you can probably relate to. I’m thinking of adding new things to this blog, and just wanted to get the word out.

This post talks about how even when others have it worse than you it is no reason for you not to feel upset when things happen to you. We are all human, and our feelings are valid.

Thanks for checking it out, if you want. : )

Source: You’re Allowed To Have Feelings | Even If Others Have It Worse

~T. R. NobleΒ 


8 thoughts on “You’re Allowed To Have Feelings | Even If Others Have It Worse

  1. It is all very subjective I suppose. One person’s disaster is a storm in a tea cup to the next person. We should not be afraid to bring our problems to God no matter how small and insignificant they might appear. He wants to hear us and help us like any loving father would. As ever a very well written and thought provoking post.

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  2. You have two blogs?! Haha, one is hard enough, how do you keep up with two?! πŸ˜…

    Great post! πŸ™‚ Sometimes it’s hard to share true feelings because you’re afraid of the reaction you’ll get – so it’s easier to hide behind the mask, until one day the mask becomes so deteriorated that it falls apart…

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    1. I had to drop these two friendships because my feelings weren’t being accepted. One of the girls, when we were older, and I was in college was able to grow from the past. We have a new friendship that is based on honesty. I was broken from my toxic relationships with people, and for some of them it wasn’t till I was open about my feelings that they couldn’t accept what I felt. You are right it will break you. God used a lot of these past experiences for me to reach out to others, and He has shown me how to grow from the experience with Him right beside me. As for the two blogs, haha yes, it does keep me busy. I do about seven posts a week. Five for Inside Cup and at least two for Peeking. It allows me to cover multiple areas, and keeping Inside Cup more narrow. πŸ™‚

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      1. Wow. I’m glad that you were able to have a friendship with one later on based on honesty! πŸ™‚

        It’s amazing what God will use to reach out to others – He is so good. πŸ™‚ And He can take the broken pieces and put them back together again. ❀

        That’s really cool! Haha, I just put everything into one. πŸ˜…


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