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Song Sunday | Stronger (Mandisa)

The first time I ever heard this song came from the beautiful voice of a young ten-year-old girl. I didn’t realize at first this was the exact song she was singing. When I met her, I had just flown in with my, at the time, boyfriend’s family. This was before he had proposed to me, though I technically had his proposal with me at the same time. (That’s for another day)

His mom had a family member who lived in Texas, close to the area he would graduate basic in. This family offered to house us for the next couple of days. This was when I met “A”.


She was such a positive, happy, and bright kid. We got along really fast, which doesn’t always happen to me with kids. It may have been the first or second night I was there, but we connected fast. And I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up.

“A singer,” she answered.

I had asked her about what kind of singers she enjoyed listening to, and she mentioned today’s spotlight artist, “Mandisa.”

At the time, I hadn’t heard of her. This has changed.

I then asked her, “What is your favorite song?”

And she immediately started to belt out today’s song.


“Stronger,” by Mandisa

This song begins with our worries started at night. We struggle to understand if our life will ever reach a level in which we are confident. We struggle trusting God and to see His plan.

The chorus focuses on the fact that it isn’t about us focusing on our weaknesses, but trusting God will make us stronger through whatever we go through.

Even when we can’t see Him, we need to cling to Him. Keep trusting Him, His will, and His plan for us.


At the time, I was going through a lot when I first heard this song. It was like God blessed me with this young girl speaking truth to me, and my heart. Not only that but days later when I attended a church service on base with my boyfriend and his family…THIS SONG played in the worship service!

That’s my God at work!

And right now, the waves are bigger against me.

There’s one particular line in which Mandisa sings that God understands our pain as we go through the storm. The first time I heard it I broke down, and as I listen to it now, I remember how God got me through.

I need to trust Him now.

~T. R. Noble

Mandisa is an American Christian Contemporary singer. Listen to her powerful inspiring song below. Support her on YouTube, and iTunes.


3 thoughts on “Song Sunday | Stronger (Mandisa)

  1. Great song chose for Song Sunday. I absolutely love Mandisa’s music because it is inspiring and uplifting.

    Her song, STRONGER is one that I love listening to because whenever we are down and feel that the weight of the world is upon us and we are drowning; GOD MAKES US STRONGER because of it.

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