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Changed The Looks Of Both Blogs | Blog Ramblings

So for my other blog Peeking Beneath, I started a series, How To Make/Edit A WordPress blog. I’ve seen some new bloggers, and I have friends curious about making a WordPress, so I wanted to help out by making a guide.

The beginning posts will cover customize settings themes, add title, background image/color, header, etc.

Pt. 1  – has already been published.  How To Make/Edit A Blog – Customize Settings & Title

This inspired me to take a look at Peeking Beneath, and I changed how it looks, which also inspired me, to change the look of this blog too. So if you’re seeing this post in Reader, and would like to see the new look, click here.

I’m very happy with how far I’ve come with Inside Cup, and I will continue to work hard on this blog. : ) That being said, I also want to incorporate myself more into the other blog.


At first, I felt sort of torn. Like is one a Christian blog, and the other more directed at writing? I didn’t like the idea of hiding who I am. The main purpose of my second blog was for it to allow posts that just wouldn’t have a schedule, time, and place for Inside Cup.

Moving around slightly dampened my time to work on my second blog. I grew discouraged as well when I lost to care and motivation for my writing prompts on the blog. Though, those posts got few views as well, which was discouraging. I also felt displeased, if I’m honest, because I thought I wouldn’t be the only one of my friends doing the prompts. And people get busy, do other things. I understand.

The idea itself can be inspiring and motivating, but keeping true to what we need to stay consistent with? Not so much, it’s discouraging.

I felt like I could keep up the prompts, but bleh. It doesn’t matter now, and I need to put that energy into something else. 🙂 Prompts are meant to push you creatively and keep you active as a writer. But I write nearly every day so the blogs have kept that purpose for me.

I do think I’ll be writing more poetry on Peeking, which I want to also do so more on this blog as well. 🙂 Looking at some of the goals behind Peeking Beneath, I’m planning on writing more about my past either through memory posts, or my middle school/high school years. Toxic friendships were something I definitely had to work through, and I know a lot can relate to those posts. (Those of you who checked out the recent post on Peeking for me, thanks 🙂 )


Speaking of posts, I’ve been trying to stay up to date on a lot of your blog posts guys, but I’m usually a few days to a week behind. It’s a goal of mine to try to make sure to take a look at anyone new who follows me as well.

I feel prepared to start writing my book again :). I was taking a break because:

1. I finished writing my third novel in April, wanted to take a break.

2. I needed to take some time to work on my book series’ timeline. Really don’t need to come up with new ideas, and be too far ahead. I need to know the past of my series because it heavily affects the present.

3. While visiting family and friends down home, I was being inspired again for the series. The series is, after all, inspired by something God gave me as a child.


Also, I’ve been considering some more Dream Experiences to write about dealing with end of time dreams. I’ve also thought about some testimonies to write about. There are a lot of ideas, and I’ve made a notepad on my phone to make sure I add all of them.

It’s crazy how much you can write in a day, and you still have yet to skim the surface. This post included, I’ve written four posts today.

Thank goodness, God continues to teach me through all of this, even when things don’t make sense. ❤

Just wanted to get on here, and rant. 🙂 I don’t really do that much on here, but I do believe you all can connect better knowing how I am at heart. I want to thank everyone for continuing to support my writing, and all of the new followers, and those checking out my blog.

Don’t give up, and keep enduring.

One day, it will all make sense.

~T. R. Noble 


3 thoughts on “Changed The Looks Of Both Blogs | Blog Ramblings

    1. Yes, I have a lot of ideas I’m excited to write about and work on. 🙂 I’m beyond grateful to have a community who is willing to read my work, and encourage me. I know what God has to do, and even though I’m not sure how He will provide using my calling, just yet, I want to trust Him and step out in faith. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂

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