Song Sunday | Even If (Kutless)

I found this song this past year. It was during a time I didn’t have answers, and I wasn’t sure how I would handle it. As if God knew now was time, He introduced me to this song.

“Even If,” by Kutless

The song begins with the number one truth, in our life, especially when hard circumstances, we may only have God to hold onto. Despite what we go through, never for a second, will our broken problems affect God. He is forever strong, waiting for us. God is not shaken by our circumstance. And His promise for us is that we shouldn’t be either.

Even if we do not receive the answers for prayer, the healing, and the stability, we still have God. Even if dreams and goals fall apart, He doesn’t. No matter what happens, the Lord is still FAITHFUL.

Our time and our wants do not mean God has forgotten us. But our time does not in fact always reflect His will. Instead, we need to trust and rely on God completely no matter what we want. No matter His answer.

Through the hardship and sometimes pain, we still have assurance from Him. In God alone can we receive peace and rest amidst the chaos.

Even if the healing doesn’t come…

In what ways do you see God at work in your life when life is hard?

Has God ever told you no, and shown you why?Β 

~T. R. NobleΒ 

Kutless is an American Christian Rock band. Check out their song in the link below, and support their music on YouTube and iTunes.

Even If by Kutless





10 thoughts on “Song Sunday | Even If (Kutless)

  1. Sometimes we think the answer is “No” and it’s “Wait.” For about 15 years I suffered with fibromyalgia. I was prayed for, hands laid upon me, and attended healing services. No healing. I thought the answer was “No.” The answer was “wait.” On November 21, 2010, God healed me, confirmed a miracle by my doctor.

    Sometimes, the answer is “No.” Sometimes, the answer is “Wait.” Sometimes, the answer is “Yes.” All times, God loves His children, will never leave them, or never forsake them.

    God knows the plans He has for you, and they are good, beyond what we could think or imagine.

    Even if … God loves you and me … even if … He sets a banquet before us in the presence of our enemies.

    Rest in the “Even ifs” of your days and nights. God is with you.

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    1. I absolutely love this! Thank you so much for sharing your testimony. I hope your comment touches all who read it. God continue to be with you. πŸ™‚

      I’m going to add this comment to my favorite comments of the month, the post will appear at the end of the month.

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