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Threat Of Being Stabbed | My Testimony (1)

Err...that's quite a title isn't it? In a number of comments, I've briefly touched on my first testimony. But it wasn't till I read a post by Teen, Meet God that I felt it was finally time to talk about my testimony. I see teen bloggers like herself, and I am reminded of how God reached… Continue reading Threat Of Being Stabbed | My Testimony (1)

Relationship with Christ

What Is A Testimony | Believer 101

Tomorrow I am going to post my first testimony. It's a pretty powerful story, and that's what testimonies are. Powerful. Moving. When the spotlight is on God, and our weakness. When He intervenes for us. I started writing an introduction to understanding what a testimony is, and realized it would benefit better having the introduction… Continue reading What Is A Testimony | Believer 101


Midweek Inspiration | Stillness Exists In Chaos

I remember her saying, "I really don't want you two to be homeless." Fear sinking its teeth into my heart. I wrote during this past summer about how everything was swarming in front of me. So many fears about my husband getting out of the military, movers arriving in time, etc. I wrote about it because… Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | Stillness Exists In Chaos

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God’s Hand On Our Shoulder

What He deems to happen will happen. It doesn't matter what anyone else says. Let that speak against doubt. Let the truth eat the weeds. Hold onto His promise. Cling to His love. Follow His footsteps. Believe in His plan. (NLT) Proverbs 4:12, "When you walk, you won't be held back; when you run, you… Continue reading God’s Hand On Our Shoulder

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Alphabet Devotional | “C”

Last's week letter was "B" and the two words were "believe," and, "broken." There were many of you who contributed a "B" word that I did not use. I want to thank everyone for their creativeness, and I'd like to share a few. Love, Amielle said, "My first thought was Beginning. Because He created all of… Continue reading Alphabet Devotional | “C”

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Deuteronomy (5) Pt. 1 | Review, Kings Can’t Have Multiple Wives? (Ch. 1-22)

Deuteronomy is meant to be a series of various speeches by Moses, his parting ones. Unlike some books, these speeches are more directed towards the congregation instead of the priests. The Hebrew of Deuteronomy means, "The Words." Jewish people have also referred to this book as meaning, "Repetition of the Law." Reviewing chapters' titles it… Continue reading Deuteronomy (5) Pt. 1 | Review, Kings Can’t Have Multiple Wives? (Ch. 1-22)