Why Am I Writing A Christian Fantasy Book Series ?

For several months, I’ve thought about writing why I chose Christian Fantasy, and the series I want to write.

As I won’t really dive into details of the book I’m writing till later, when the time is right, there’s obviously a lot of mystery surrounding what direction I would go.

Very few bloggers know about my novel writing, and the book I’m writing right now. I’ve talked about it a few times on posts. But it hasn’t been till right now that there seems to be more of an interest with the novels and the book I’m writing.

So let’s talk about it.


I received salvation from Jesus Christ when I was four. By that time, I knew the sinner’s confession, and to ask Christ into my heart. One day at my swing set, I asked Him.

Just me and Jesus, no prompting from an adult.

I remember that day. It was near sunset, and it was in the summer. I ran into the kitchen, and my mom, who was doing dishes, glanced down to see me smiling. That’s how it all started.

As a child, I was extremely imaginative. I created a separate world in my mind, and around the time of receiving salvation was when I imagined imaginary friends. In my mind, we went on adventures, and helped the townspeople. Basic hero to villain stuff.

When I grew older (12), I came up with symbols to represent this world, and I wanted the symbols to represent God. I was, at this time, drawing closer to Him. So, I came up with four symbols. The first represented His blood, dying on the cross for us. The second represented cleansing of the Holy Spirit. The third represented growth, and the fourth represented His glory.

What once was “my” world, I was slowly giving back to God.


I grew up, and went to college, yet, still holding onto this piece of childhood. It always stayed with me. It reminded me of home. My final year of college, I can’t tell you how many times I would take a shower, and just cry as the water streamed down my face. I didn’t know how I was going to complete some of my classes, particularly Math, and graduate. I didn’t know how all of it would work out.

But I knew God was bigger than anything I could ever face. And as I felt His compassion and promise to never leave me, I thought about what He gave me all those years ago. A world created for the hands of a child. A world that grew as I grew as well. What once held four symbols, now held fourteen.

That night, I chose fourteen words to represent my relationship with Him. These words would become woven into this imaginary world.

  1. Trials
  2. Cleansing
  3. Growth
  4. Joy
  5. Long Suffering
  6. Righteousness
  7. Determination
  8. Thankfulness
  9. Tribulation
  10. Faith
  11. Endurance
  12. Glorification
  13. Jubilation
  14. Unity

God encouraged me to keep enduring, using these same words. For a long time, this created world was something only I shared with God, and, admittedly, I got teased a lot because I was so attached to this world. No one understood me. (As a kid, I drew maps of this place.)

But at the end of December 2012, and after I had successfully passed my Math class, I started thinking about doing more than just keeping the world to myself.


January, 2013 I started to think about writing a series based off of this small idea.

Small indeed, what applied to me, would not apply to everyone else. That needed a change.

I’d have to change everything. Strengthen my characters, create a really detailed timeline, create an entirely separate world for this imaginary place, and, above all else, give it to God. Up until this point, I had never written a completed novel before. I didn’t think I could.

But this was something God had used for years to illustrate so much to me. I wanted people to know Him the way I’ve known Him. I wanted to encourage people, who may not have a relationship, to become curious about God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I also wanted to reach out to people and let them know they aren’t alone.

There’s a lot of well-read fantasy novels and series out there. Few are Christian Fantasy, and the ones that do not always paint God as God, and Christ as Christ. Some murky waters are crossed. People “think” they can identify the characters, but then again, it’s argued, back and forth.  Also, sometimes the characters, though represented enough, are not as needed or crucial to the story.

There’s so much media that tiptoes around God and Jesus but doesn’t really involve Him, even if it’s a Christian novel/movie/show. It’s more about the Christian, less about the One he/she follows. Although my series will definitely be focused on the lives of my characters, as mentioned, I want the characters for God and Jesus to really stand out. To do this, I will use scripture.


So many Psalms, let alone everything else in the Bible that depicts how God and Jesus interacted with others. I want to have more interactions between the Almighty and the believer, or perhaps, the nonbeliever. As Jesus reached out to those who didn’t know Him.

Fantasy is dramatic in my opinion, and I’ve joked to God that He is dramatic. Not a, “drama King,” but how He reaches out to His people is dramatic. Sending fire down to consume water. Splitting the seas. Causing heavenly bread to fall down. He wants people to know He is there, and He WILL make His name known.

Yet at the same time, I want my story to allow visuals. A broken child, who believes no one loves her. Yet, this kind man hugs her, and tells her, “I am always with you. No matter what anyone says, You are MY child. I knew you before you were born.” (See what I mean?) 


That’s how I see Him. Huge and towering, and yet He is my refuge and my strength. He will stand in front of me and protect me. He’ll have His back to the enemy, while stones are being thrown at Him, and He’ll tell me with gentle eyes, “It’s okay, I got you.”

People don’t write about these scenes as much as they should. I want to have these scenes in my series. I want people to feel this love that only He can give. So my characters have their own struggles, and one by one God reaches them, rebukes, hugs them and guides them.

But there is darkness in this world, and the characters need to understand and find the truths. They can only have the strength and the faith to do so if they turn to the God and Jesus characters.


First Novel

July 2013– I wrote three pages of a scene and thought this was what my test runs would be like. Only a few pages, to get an idea of the character. But God obviously wanted more than that.

August 2013– I sat down and wrote two pages for the next test run. I realized I knew absolutely nothing about my characters, their world, the backstories of other characters, etc. I needed to write a novel…

November 2013– I settled down and decided to work on a novel. It was daunting and exhausting. I thought for sure, there’s no way I’ll be able to do this. Though, I felt, this story was definitely something I’ve never experienced before.

January 2014-July, 2014– Only thirty singled space pages had been written. I believed the lie of only writing when I was inspired, but a lot of times I was stuck. I didn’t know how to push through the “wall” of not knowing what to write next. But then I had a friend sit down with me, and she asked me, “What are your goals for the novel?” I told her, “I want to give this to God. I want to make a difference.” She encouraged me to be consistent, that’s how goals are accomplished. From that day forward, I wrote, at least, one page a day, and by October, 31st, 2014 I had completed my first novel with about 117 single-spaced pages.

God showed me this was only the beginning, He would continue to teach me.

2nd Novel November 2014-June, 2015

3rd Novel August, 2015-April, 2017 – This was during the time my husband left to serve a year in Korea. In June 2016 was when I actually started this blog.

Book 1 (Started Fall 2017) – Currently, I am working on my book. There is such a thing as an unpublished book 🙂 and I’ve read that writers should take themselves and their work seriously. Which is why my fourth novel, is book one of my series. I feel like I am ready.

Christ is my Teacher, the Bible as my guide, and my testimony my motivator.

Thank you for all of your support for my writing!!

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM

Want to read more of my writing? Head over to my second blog, Peeking Beneath

33 thoughts on “Why Am I Writing A Christian Fantasy Book Series ?

      1. I looked it up and was curious to see how “God” is portrayed. Now, I haven’t read book, and I haven’t seen the movie. But when humans are used to portray God, no. Like a new Exodus movie came out a couple years ago, and a child was used to represent God. I don’t agree with these portrayals. God is not human. Now, Jesus was both human and God. This is one reason why my God and Jesus characters will be followed by scriptures. I don’t want to put my own creative spin on who He is. We know who He is, and He should be represented by means we have already been given. 🙂 That’s my opinion though.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Oh, I saw that one in theaters! I really liked it, and I really did like Son of God too. 🙂 I also enjoyed the God’s Not Dead (first one, second one, eh it’s okay) that was really interesting.

        Liked by 2 people

  1. I was excited before, now I am even more excited! I love where you’re going with this. Thank you for sharing and I can only wish you all the best from here.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great idea!! Hopefully more and more people will be interested in reading Christian novels/books. I myself want to write my own story, not so much fantasy, but based on reality. we can change the world’s perspective!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. God bless you for using your passion for His gospel. I wish you all the best in your journey and hope it sends a good message to all your readers!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That’s awesome, T.R! I’m excited for you to get your story down. Keep on keeping on, and I will too, even if it feels like it’s at a snail’s pace sometimes. I have a couple of Christian fantasy/sci fi allegorical stories in my head (for some reason, I like allegories😍).
    Please pray that fear and self-doubt won’t cripple me 🙏🏼 to the point of giving up on my novel writing—sometimes it feels like I’m letting it, even though I know that’s just a ploy from the devil so people won’t be blessed through my story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely!!! Girl, I have had so many doubts about writing recently!!! ❤ I relate!

      That's so awesome that you're into the same genre of writing. If you ever want to chat writing we should become email buddies 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We could definitely do that! Thanks!❤️
        I’ve been thinking about getting a local writing group together and, a few months ago, I approached one writer nearby about it, who was excited about the idea, but then I haven’t pursued it any further (it may be fear that’s stopped me there, too, if I’m honest)…
        We both have contact pages, so there’s our starting point. The offer is open to you, anytime, too.😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s really awesome! I follow on group on Facebook called Writers Write, but I don’t actually have any group I really connect to and interact with. I definitely have individuals I can talk to, and I think expanding definitely helps 🙂

        Having an actual local group where you could meet weekly or monthly would be awesome. If I have people I could do that with I’d love it, especially if I connected with them.

        When I was in college, I originally tried to join a group and no one gave me feedback about my poetry…because it had rhyme in it…like everyone else got feedback and support…except me, haha, yeah it definitely hurt me especially then. The only question I got was “Why rhyme?” Like seriously… xD Why not?! And I think non-poets relate better with rhyme.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Huh, that’s a great way to look at it because I’ve heard/thought the stigma too, that anyone can rhyme.

        I actually have a poem coming out next week on Wednesday I think you will enjoy. I think it’s one of my best poems I’ever written. 🙂


  5. Oh man, this is exciting! God has given you the gift of creativity! I pray he will continue to fill you with divine inspiration so you can write a unique story that will point people to Christ. I can’t wait to read it!

    Liked by 1 person

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