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Numbers (4) Pt. 4 | Harlotry To Baal- End (Ch. 25-36)

Overview of today’s post. Israel turns against God again, census, offerings, war, and some new regulations.

Turning to Baal And Prostitution

Ch.25– This begins with unpleasantness. A number of people (tens of thousands) turned to harlotry with the people of Moab. (Definition of harlotry: prostitution) Not only did they play the harlot, but they also sacrificed to Baal, and bowed down.

Not surprisingly, this does not go well with God. There is a plague, and a man and a woman are killed with a javelin by the priest Phinehas (grandson to Aaron).

Ch. 25:12-13– God is pleased with Phinehas’ action, this also calms down God’s wrath. God says that Phinehas will have a covenant of peace with God. And that Phinehas’ descendants will have “an everlasting priesthood because he was zealous for God.” This is important to note because in my post Who Is Melchizedek | Bible Question an everlasting priesthood is symbolic.

This covenant also points to the fact God wants the priesthood to stand out for following Him. (This later leads to Christ becoming the head of the priesthood) 


Joshua Is Selected As Next Leader

Ch.26Second Census 

Ch.27:01-11Inheritance Laws – If a father has no son, the inheritance goes to his daughters. If he has neither, it goes to his brothers. If he has no brothers it goes to his father’s brothers and if he has no uncles, then it goes to the relative closest to him in his family.

Ch. 27:12-23 Joshua is selected as a leader– God reminds Moses that he rebelled against God’s command and because of this Moses will die like his brother. He won’t enter the Promised Land. Moses asks that God pick someone for the congregation, to lead them. God tells him, Joshua.

Ch. 28- Daily Offerings. Sabbath Offerings, Monthly Offerings, Offerings at Passover, and Offerings at the Feast Of Weeks. 

Ch. 29Feasts of Trumpets, Offerings on Day of Atonement, and Offerings at the Feast of Tabernacles

Ch. 30– Laws Concerning Vows



Ch. 31:01-24– Vengeance on the Midianites- 

Disclosure– This piece of scripture tends to stumble up a lot of nonbelievers. Let it be understood, what happened in the Old Testament is before Christ fulfilled the scriptures. Just because something was acceptable at the time the Old Testament took place, does not make it acceptable now.

God tells Israel to take vengeance on the Midianites. Moses organizes a large army, and no one is said to live. But, the people do not listen. They kill all men but leave woman and children. Moses is angered by this because the same women were the ones to seduce the Israel men away. Moses says all males must be killed, and all women who were intimate with a man must be killed. The young girls can be kept.

It is to be noted, Moses deemed this, this was not under the command of God. All God said was to take vengeance on the Midianites.

(The Old Testament is a lot about blame, and women tended to receive harsher punishments than men, let alone not have many rights. This is the reality of that time period. We can’t change it, but we can understand it in order to move forward.) 

Ch. 31:25-54Plunder is divided 


Getting Ready To Move Forward

Ch.32Tribes Settle in the East of Jordan

Ch.33:01-49Israel’s Journey From Egypt Reviewed

Ch. 33:50-56- Moses is told by God to tell the people of Israel instructions for when they arrive in Canaan. Drive out all inhabitants, and divide the land. If any inhabitants are left these people will be thorns in the sides of Israel. And what God would do to the enemy, He will do to Israel.

Ch. 34Boundaries of Canaan, Leaders Appointed to Divide Land

Ch. 35Cities for Levities

Ch. 35:09-34 Interesting information. There were specific cities of refuge people could run to if they “accidentally” killed someone.

Ch. 36Marriage of Female Heirs 

Timeline Review

Census and Leaders Decided– Ch.1-2

Levities are Set Apart– Ch.3-4 

Laws– Ch.5

Vows, Blessings, Offerings– Ch.6-8 

Passover, Trumpets, Leaving Mt. Sinai– Ch.9-10 

Complaining –Ch.11-12

Spies Sent Into Canaan, Complaints and Rejection- Ch.13-14

Sins, and Men Being Swallowed Up– Ch.15-16

Blossoming Staff, Levite Information, Purification– Ch.17-19

Moses Rebels Against God- Ch.20

Bronze Serpent– Ch.21

Balaam Donkey and Prophecies– Ch.22-24

Harlotry and Census– Ch.25-26 

New Leader– Ch.27

Feasts, Offerings, Laws– Ch.28-30


Preparation For Moving Forward- Ch.32-35

Marriage of Female Heirs- Ch.36


Key Points Of Numbers

-Don’t complain to God.

-Follow what He tells you to do.

-If we can’t do that, there are consequences. We will miss out on His greater plan.

-Listen, be patient, and keep obeying.

Did you learn anything from Numbers?

What was your favorite part? 

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12 thoughts on “Numbers (4) Pt. 4 | Harlotry To Baal- End (Ch. 25-36)

  1. Such a great summary of this portion of Numbers. Throughout your summary of Numbers I learned that if we complain to God and we disobey Him; there are consequences for our actions (i.e. Moses striking the rock instead of speaking to it).

    My favorite part about the book of Numbers is seeing the divide of the Land of Canaan among the 12 Israelite tribes. Another part I liked about this book is that in the end; when Moses couldn’t go into the Promise Land; He asked God who would become the next leader of Israel.

    God knew ahead what was about to transpire and knew that Moses would give into his anger and strike the rock. In my opinion, this book also points back to Genesis and human’s choice in the Garden of Eden.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 if you want to read any other previous summaries, on my main page, in the menu, I have a page called Books of Bible Summaries all of the posts are there and broken up by each book of the Bible. I need to a link at the bottom of each post so it’s to get to. 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed it!

      Liked by 1 person

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