5 Things That Stumble Me Up As A Believer

As much as we are accountable to our own walk with Christ, we are accountable to each other. I thought I would be honest and talk about things that stumble me up as a believer.

Those who are meant to strengthen and encourage us can also stumble us.


When Believers Don’t Include You/Use You

This was something I experienced in my Toxic Church ExperienceΒ when I was looking for a new church. No one knows you. I feel people who are secure in their church try to feel out newcomers. “Are they saved?” feels like the main question, and if you are saved, have a relationship with Christ, you get sorta tossed.

With me, people try to lecture me, to hand down some “advice” or help to me because they don’t know my relationship with Christ. But when they find I can easily talk to them, and challenge them with what I want to talk about (being older adults) my “mentors” tend to fade away. Like, I’m of no value to them.

My experience was no matter what I did to try to involve myself with my peers, cause I really wanted Christian friends, it didn’t matter. They were always too busy for me, but not for each other.

This tends to be a problem when people try to join a new church. A lot of believers don’t know the word community. We don’t have a community in many churches in this modern age. We have routine. We have our clicks. But we don’t function as the body of Christ the way Christ told us.


There are some true churches that haven’t forsaken the purpose of a church family. There are some churches that are working on becoming better. It isn’t the building that needs help and learn to work together. It’s the body of Christ, the people.

God used these experiences to show me how others struggle, and while it is a stumbling block. God has given me a perspective while humbling me through. If you’re in the same situation, understand you aren’t alone. God isn’t done. πŸ™‚


When Believers Don’t Talk About Christ

Church, sure. Tons of talk about scriptures, God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Outside of that? Nahhh.

It astounds me. Christ should be a crucial part of our daily life and walk with Him. We should be seeing Him speaking to us in many ways. We should be actively seeking Him out. We should know what we struggle with in our life, and work on applying to prayer.

Why don’t we talk about these things to each other? Why does this tend to only happen in a set place? I don’t like that, and it troubles me.


When A Praise Or Thankfulness Is Focused On Self

This was one reason why I wrote my postΒ Problems When We Only Discuss Blessings | Hear Me OutΒ . Somehow what God has helped us get through, or blessed us with becomes a focal point instead of the fact that God was the One in charge.

I don’t like believers speaking/writing in this manner. It rises us up to be this “special” person or God picked us out of everyone else. Or we are so blessed and special because WE’RE saved. I’ve heard multiple times in church and elsewhere people giving out a list of how blessed and special they are because of God. And majority paragraphs of what is said focuses on them, and their “speciality or strength.” The only time God is mentioned, “God blessed me.” Or, “God gave me…”

It’s not humility. It’s not a testimony. Testimonies are all about God moving mountains through our weakness. What it is, is a bragging list full of pride in self.



This…this is a problem!

We are nothing, okay. We’re dust of this earth. It is Jesus Christ who gives us everything. It was Christ who sat with the sinners, and the ones the believers of that day thought were unworthy. Christ chooses the unworthy. He uses the broken.

But here we are again, and believers of today put focus on themselves, standing in the streets, proclaiming to be heard, and to look good. All the while our soul rots within us because it’s become more about the outside self, then the inside soul letting the Holy Spirit take control.

Consider this, Paul never boasted of his gifts, and he was given many! Instead, we only see him in Corinthians finally say, “I’ll boast of my weakness so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” He said this after God refused to remove the thorn at his side. Maybe it was there to keep Paul humble.

God does indeed bless us and give us abilities and gifts. But we shouldn’t be so blinded about “us” that we forget the main REASON why we are on the narrow path in the first path. We didn’t get ourselves there. We won’t grow if we focus on us.


When Christians Curse (especially in blogging)

I know some habits are tough to break. But when I see Christians use curse words in blog posts, I’ll admit, it stumbles me. Christian bloggers are ones I feel I can read posts in a more safe and secure place. I don’t want to worry about words and descriptions I don’t want to see.

Writers have the choice to choose what words are used. Versus when people work on not cursing out loud, sometimes they slip up. Writing more so focuses on our free will and choice. We have a delete button.

What is the point of using a curse word? I’ve read people (more than once) use curse words as defense. God loves me, etc. etc. etc. Sure, He does love us. But does He approve of what image we are giving? Are we going to speak that way to God? It seems the phrase, “God loves me,” is used more as a excuse for our behavior than the reason we should change to become more Christlike.

He loves us. We love Him. We should want to be like Him. That’s the beauty of becoming an new creation in Christ. We don’t have to stick to our old ways.


When Christian Content Is Questionable

Similarly, when songs, movies, and posts are proclaimed to be Christian but don’t reflect Christ. It stumbles me, and breaks my trust.

One key thing we all should work on adapting, and I’m being convicted as well, would Jesus say this? Would He do this? Would He view this?Β 

Is what we’re doing putting the spotlight on Christ or something else?Β 

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM



45 thoughts on “5 Things That Stumble Me Up As A Believer

    1. The problem I feel that really has belivers stumbling is Pride.

      Pride is a very dangerous emotion that humanity seems to think is normal, but it isn’t. God calls us to humble ourselves, but due to sin the focus shifts from God to us; even Christians.

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  1. Interesting thought. As Christians, I think that we feel that because we are saved by Christ; that we are better than other people, but the truth is; we are still human and make mistakes.

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  2. Sometimes, people are so consumed with the fact they have actually been reborn and now live in the presence of the living God and acknowledge his live, living voice, power, authority and rule that people just freak out and think they are just religious nut jobs trying to glorify self. Because they don’t and can’t fathom the spiritual experiences they experience daily. The do not acknowledge the living spirit themselves and just assume they are psychotic.

    And yes, it turns my stomach as well to see professing born again Christians post, share and speak such potty mouth that obviously comes from the toilet and gives their profession of faith away right of the bat as a lie.

    If the spirit of Christ truly is within oneself, they do not use profanity or speak of “Self”, all they can think of and speak of is the very presence within who does not use words from the toilet when he speaks.

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  3. Wise words…We are such self-centered beings. It takes discipline to put (and keep) our focus on Christ instead of ourselves. And unfortunately discipline seems to be missing from our society. But thankfully God is soooo much bigger than us. And he there to help us as we walk this hard road. Awesome (and challenging) post! Hugs to you, love reading your blog πŸ™‚

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  4. Hey that was really good, thanks for sharing. What I really liked was the ” We don’t have a community in many churches in this modern age. We have routine. We have our clicks. But we don’t function as the body of Christ the way Christ told us” Part. So true!!! I think people can do a great job at loving others, showing hospitality and so on, but feeling known is another thing. People are to busy and I have found that when I confront them on their choices well that’s all they know and deep intentional community scares them really. Looking forward to reading more.

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the post and I hope you enjoy more. Yeah, people forget about the power of the assembly of the body if believers. That’s where prayer of more than one gets its power. When we come together and Christ is with us. It’s a real shame.

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  5. True, we don’t have community in today’s churches. We have clicks! Personally, since I am an introvert, I’m trying to overcome this habit of only meeting people I know.
    Also it bothers me when I see someone in church being “too” sweet but then hear bitter things about them. We need people to accept and love and be courteous to each other despite the flaws. I feel we should not pretend to be too gentle or too soft spoken unless the Lord truly changes us on the inside. We are all work in progress. Lets just act like it.
    You’ve shared really good points. I don’t like Christians who use curse words or who talk about their blessings too much. True we all love receiving blessings but all praise for such blessings belong to God and God alone. πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes, with my background, and still, I’m not used to speaking to everyone or new people but He’s shown me how to at least try. The importance of giving effort to each other. Glad you could relate πŸ™‚


      1. Yes, it can be a tad difficult for people like us and awkward in my case but I have found people often tend to read my shyness as arrogance. That’s not good so I’m trying to change that.

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      2. Oh no, yeah. I think many of us struggle with insecurity. So when it feels another person isn’t being open we jump to conclusions. It’s great you want to work on that, but don’t worry if you’re not always successful. Sometimes, things are just misperceived. Who knows maybe that could be the ice breaker?

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  6. Wow, I can identify with EVERY point you made, from cliques in church, on down. It bothers me that in social media the term “blessed” seems an excuse to boast. God hates the sin of pride so much….thanks for the reminder to stay humble and grounded and focused on him, who is the source of everything good in our lives.

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ when I wrote this I didn’t know if I was pushing towards something I shouldn’t write about, but God put it on my heart, so I listened. I’m astounded how much everyone has related to this post and the impact it’s had. Thank you πŸ™‚ amen!!!

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      1. I’m sure it wasn’t easy to address some of these topics, but they obviously resonated with your followers. Glad you listened to the Holy Spirit’s urging. πŸ™‚

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  7. Only God could take humbled and make it an uplifting experience for his children. It is so sad but true when we believers become the stumbling point of evangelism. Humility is the only not so simple answer to the problems of what I call the institutional church you have brought to light.

    Be a blessing T.

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  8. Thanks for sharing. I agree with you regarding the curse words, the scripture says don’t let your good be spoken evil of. For me, is when scripture is taken out of its original context. Many Christians read the words from the Bible that are from a Jewish context and interpret the scriptures through the lens of Romanization, Europeanization, Colonization, Westernization and Americanization. Without an understanding of the Jewish culture comes a context problem. Basically, when Christians read their Bibles they don’t know what that culture and time in history was like, so often they misinterpret the scriptures.

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    1. Understanding context, culture, and the audience for scripture is definitely important and so clarifying.

      I think some people don’t know any better because they follow what others are telling them. But we are not to trust leaders but Jesus. Everything must be tested against scripture including those who are pastors. We must do our research and invest time for ourselves in His presence and word. Jesus will direct our steps and help us if we seek Him. πŸ™‚ May we help others see His truth with grace.


      1. I agree with that to a certain extent. Yes, they don’t know any better which is why evangelism and discipleship is so important. My intentions wasn’t to come off judgmental. I was stating how I felt as you did about the cursing. God does command us to submit to spiritual authority (Hebrews 13:17). Jeremiah 3:15 says, And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding. We can’t be so self-righteous to think that there is no man or woman of God that is qualified to lead us. We can’t navigate our own lives that is dangerous spiritually. The Devil is the one that tells people, “you don’t need no man (preacher), you can read the Bible for yourself.” Well, that is not what the Bible teaches. God has sovereignly placed leaders in the church, In the church God has put all in place: in the first place apostles, in the second prophets and thirdly teachers (1 Corinthians 12:28). Following and submitting to leadership is Kingdom protocol and order, there is order in the Kingdom and we must follow that order if we call ourselves followers of Christ.


      2. I don’t think you came off judgemental πŸ™‚

        Leaders are important and we must make sure, as the scriptures you shared show, that they are truly of God. We must test everything in light of scripture because there are wolves in sheep’s clothing. There are leaders who are from truly from Jesus and they speak truth. Discernment and knowledge come from the Holy Spirit and I believe through the Holy Spirit we can discern rightly and read the Bible on our own. Hebrews 5:14, we must have constant practice to distinguish good from evil. Acts 17:11, through reading scripture we can discern if leaders are true just as the Bereans examined the scriptures to see if what Paul, an apostle, said was true. 2 Timothy 2:15, we are to present ourselves approved as one who correctly handles the word of truth. 1 John 4:01 we are not to believe everyone who claims they are of the Spirit but to test them to see if they are of God.

        The church body is absolutely important and we need to stay connected, help each other, and have proper shepherds in place. We do not want to be deceived and the Holy Spirit helps us not be deceived as we grow in Jesus and in His truth.


      3. Absolutely, we are to make sure we are sitting under a “biblical sound” leader. I want to add that I’m not suggesting we can’t read the Bible for ourselves. The scriptures says to study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15). However, it is the shepherds role to illuminate the scriptures for us and exegete the scriptures, a man or woman of God that has given themselves over to the rigors of study. We can’t just pick up the Bible and just start interpreting things for ourselves. Just like you couldn’t just pick up a medical book and start practicing medicine. You would be in need of a teacher to teach you what you are reading. Another example is when Phillip was going along the road and He saw the Ethiopian Eunuch reading the book of Isaiah and asked him, “do you know what you are reading?” And the Ethiopian Eunuch replied, “how can I unless someone teaches me?” (Acts 8). We can learn from Phillip’s encounter with the Ethiopian Eunuch that some of us may think that since a person can read the Bible, they automatically understand what it says. The Ethiopia Eunuch was a wealthy man and a very learned man but he understood that his intellect was not enough to understand and interpret the scriptures. Thus, his words were, “how can I, unless someone teach me?’ The Holy Spirit will solidify in our spirit who the leader is that He has called us to sit under. When God saves us He adds us to the Church (Acts 2:47). So God has for every Believer a Church and leader that they are called to.


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