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Deuteronomy (5) Pt. 1 | Review, Kings Can’t Have Multiple Wives? (Ch. 1-22)

Deuteronomy is meant to be a series of various speeches by Moses, his parting ones. Unlike some books, these speeches are more directed towards the congregation instead of the priests.

The Hebrew of Deuteronomy means, “The Words.” Jewish people have also referred to this book as meaning, “Repetition of the Law.”

Reviewing chapters’ titles it appears there is a lot of summaries, so it is possible this will be a shorter summary, but then again, Numbers surprised me.


Ch. 1-2 Summary of being told to go to Canaan, tribal leaders appointed, Israel refusing to enter Canaan. Then the desert years and King Sihon’s defeat.

Ch. 3– During the time we’ve seen the land of Jordan being divided and Moses being told he cannot enter the Promised Land because of his rebellion of not doing what God told him, Ch.3:01-11 covers the defeat of King Og.


Ch. 4:01-14 – Moses Commands Obedience 

Moses reminds the people of what God did to the people that fell before Baal. They are to obey God, and not add anything to the laws that have been given. Observing the laws gives understanding and wisdom. (Ch.4:06) It’s important to remember what God has done for the people, otherwise, if they stray away, they will forget. (Unfortunately, this does happen later in the Bible)


Ch. 4:15-40- Beware Of Idolatry

Because the people saw no form of God, they do not need to make a carved image in the form of any figure (male or female), or in the likeness of an animal or anything that creeps on the earth.

Ch. 4:19– Don’t lift your eyes to heaven, and see the stars, moon, sun, and hosts of heaven, and feel the need to worship them. God has given us everything and created everything.

God is a jealous God. Should generations fall and cave into false worship and carved images God will be provoked to anger. Plagues will happen, and the people will scatter. But if the people come back to Him with everything within them God is merciful, and won’t forsake them. God did everything to the people of Israel to show there are no other like Him.

Ch. 5- Review of 10 Commandments 

Ch. 6Greatest Commandment

“You shall love the Lord your heart will all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.” Ch.6:05


Ch. 6:10-25- Caution Against Disobedience 

Ch.6:16, “You shall not tempt the Lord your God,” this is the scripture Christ used against Satan when He was tempted.

The people are told to be ready with answers when their children as about the testimonies. To tell the journey of Egypt and the desert.

pexels-photo-380283.jpgCh. 7A Chosen People & Blessings of Obedience. 

Instructions on what to do when they enter Canaan.

If the people keep the commandments and follow God, His mercy will be with them. He will love them, and bless them immensely. God will take away all sickness. Destroying any and all enemies that come against them. They will not fear to remember everything God has gotten them through.

Ch. 8Remember the Lord your God

Ch. 9Israel’s Rebellions Reviewed 

Ch. 10Ten Commandments Made Again & Essence of the Law

(NIV) Ch. 10:21, “He is the one you praise; He is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes.”


Ch. 11Love and Obedience Rewarded 

Ch. 12- Prescribed Place of Worship & Beware of False Gods

Destroy places of worship of other gods. Worship where God tells you in Canaan.

There were some gods people burned their children in fire for, and the worship of all these gods goes against how God will be worshipped.


Ch. 13Punishment of Apostates

Those who are prophets or those who claim the people must worship other gods will be put to death. But it is important to search out, test and make sure the individual said to be making these claims is true before making judgment.

Ch. 14Improper Mourning, Clean and Unclean Meat, Tithing Principles

Cutting oneself is not okay or allowed. Shaving the front of the head for mourning the dead is not allowed. God has deemed His people holy, and a special treasure above all peoples on the earth.


Ch. 15Debts Canceled Every Seven Years, Generosity to Poor, Bondservants, Firstborn Animals

What’s interesting is how the poor are meant to be taken care of. If someone is going without his neighbors will help him. It’s important not to have ill will towards the poor lest it become sin, and the poor cry out to God.

Ch. 16Passover Reviewed, Feast of Weeks Reviewed,  Feast of Tabernacles Reviewed, Justice Administered 

Officers and judges are appointed so that justice is not perverted or partiality is shown. No tree as a wooden image will be planted near the alter. You shall not set up a sacred pillar.


Ch. 17 Continuation of Justice Being Administered, Principles Governing Kings

Ch. 17:14-20 – This is really interesting. Later on, when we reach 1st & 2nd Samuel we will reach the time the people of God desire a king because they want to be like everyone else. I think this move is a downfall of the people of Israel. They weren’t meant to be like everyone else. Regardless, it is here Moses talks about such a time.

The king will be selected by God from among the people. He won’t multiply horses or cause the people to return to Egypt.


Wow! King David had multiple wives, as did his son Solomon. Solomon did eventually fall away too because he wanted to please his wives.

There are other rules like the king writing outlaw before priests, reading and following the law so he doesn’t stray, learning to fear God.


Ch. 18Portion for Priests and Levites, Avoiding Wicked Customs, New Prophet Like Moses

Ch. 19 – Three Cities Of Refuge, Property Boundaries, Law Concerning Witnesses

Ch. 20Principles Governing Warfare


Ch. 21Unsolved Murder, Female Captives, Firstborn Inheritance Rights, Rebellious Son, Miscellaneous Laws

Regarding the rebellious son, Ch. 21:18-21, parents hand over their son to the elders of the city. They say he’s a drunkard and glutton. Then all the men of the city shall stone him.

Yikes! What a time to be a lazy son!

I wonder if this is one reason why Jesus gave us the parable of the Prodigal Son because He knows a better way.

Ch. 22Continued Miscellaneous Laws, Laws of Sexual Morality

Wow!! So we only have 12 chapters left, we will probably finish the rest next week.

What part of today’s summary of Deuteronomy stood out to you?

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7 thoughts on “Deuteronomy (5) Pt. 1 | Review, Kings Can’t Have Multiple Wives? (Ch. 1-22)

  1. My favorite part about today’s Deuteronomy summary is when you said, “It’s important not to have ill will towards the poor lest it become sin, and the poor cry out to God.”

    In today’s society, we have millions of poor people around the world and in the U. S. but when I read this; this should remind us of how much we take for granted.

    The poor cry out to God, but we as Christians and fellow human beings should learn to give back especially to those that have less than what we own.

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