Not Shaken, But Forever Stable

It's hard to sometimes imagine what we can't fathom. But Christ told us to seek ye first the Kingdom of God. Not the Heavens by themselves. But a place where we would be with Him. Forever. Take courage my friend. There is Someone much more greater than this world out there. His plan, and His… Continue reading Not Shaken, But Forever Stable


Alphabet Devotional | “G”

On last week's "episode" of Alphabet Devotional | "F" here is what you fantastic readers out there came up with. Cassie Morgan said, "Faith. nothing is greater then the faithfulness of our God. Have Faith in God because he has faith in you. ❤" Tammy7711 said, "He’s a Father to the fatherless. He’s also Faithful! And… Continue reading Alphabet Devotional | “G”

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300 Followers | My Journey & Message For Other Bloggers

(The end of this gets a little intense, disclaimer. I do talk about something uncomfortable, I'm sure, is not uncommon in the blogging community. There's one incident that pushed me to talk about this, but by no means, am I talking about just one person.)  THANK YOU!!!! WOW!!!! I've been anticipating this as the numbers… Continue reading 300 Followers | My Journey & Message For Other Bloggers

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How To Meditate On Scripture | Believer 101

If for anyone else, this question was for me. I was not familiar with the words meditate and scripture being together. Pour over scripture, yes. But after reading so many wonderful posts from all of you, I've realized this word combo is not secretive. So, what does it mean to meditate? How can we do… Continue reading How To Meditate On Scripture | Believer 101


Midweek Inspiration | We Build At The Bottom

We tend to struggle seeing a completed goal before we've accomplished steps of reaching a goal. We haven't started, yet we are focused on the end result. This is a problem. Endurance isn't given, it's learned. Perseverance comes from endurance. All parts of this equation relate to starting, continuing, and not giving up before we… Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | We Build At The Bottom

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We Are Meant To Be His Fruit

Not fruit rotten on the inside, but fruit that continues to blossom and bear more. There are so many opportunities God gives us in the simple and the quiet parts of our daily life. There are countless times we can go to Him. Speak to Him. Plead for forgiveness. Seek His guidance. Listen in silence… Continue reading We Are Meant To Be His Fruit