We Can’t Be Passionate Christians

Just wanted to add this quick note. This post is NOT referring to the positives of having passion, especially when referring to being zealous for Christ. Rather, this post is to focus on critical reasons of why are we being passionate, and the unfortunate reason in most cases.  Quite a title right? I asked my mom … Continue reading We Can’t Be Passionate Christians

Midweek Inspiration | New Comings Against Sadness

I know during this time people can begin to experience sadness and depression. The holidays are not happy for everyone, and for some of us we are experiencing the longer nights of darkness and shorter days of light. I've been finding within recent years that New Year's has become something really positive for me. It's … Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | New Comings Against Sadness

What To Look For In A Church

After joining this community, I felt A LOT better knowing I was not the only one who had a hard time of finding a church. Related Post: My Toxic Church Experience  It isn't even about not wanting to go to church, but the fact of it becomes tedious and heartbreaking when the place you thought … Continue reading What To Look For In A Church

Alphabet Devotional | “J”

Wow, we are two posts away from reaching the halfway point of this series! Here are some amazing choices from last time's devotional of the letter, "I." Lynn said, "Infinite… without beginning or end… He is the origin of all good and every aspect of His being is infinite: His character is infinite… He loves … Continue reading Alphabet Devotional | “J”

Song Sunday | Never Been A Moment (Micah Tyler)

The day you struggle remembering how God has gotten you through in the past and how He will get you through today, check out this song. "Never Been A Moment," by Micah Tyler We go through the motions of life. But never do we experience anything in life without God being present, Christ by our … Continue reading Song Sunday | Never Been A Moment (Micah Tyler)

Judges (7) Pt. 3 | Abimelech – Jephthah’s Sacrifice (Ch.9-12)

It feels like it has been a while since this post, but I think it's only been two weeks. A lot can happen in two weeks. Unfortunately, a lot happens since the death of Gideon, as we continue to journey into the depth of the book of Judges. Remember how scripture said the children of … Continue reading Judges (7) Pt. 3 | Abimelech – Jephthah’s Sacrifice (Ch.9-12)

Scriptures For Thanksgiving | Give Thanks

Just going to hop on here for a quick minute. Today many Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family. I thought it would be nice to just share some scriptures talking about thankfulness and being grateful to everything we have in Christ Who strengthens us. (NIV) Hebrews 12:28, "Therefore, since we are receiving … Continue reading Scriptures For Thanksgiving | Give Thanks

Midweek Inspiration | Pumpkin & Simple

Pumpkins do not take much to become decor or a satisfying meal (seeds or pie). I feel like plain pumpkins are symbolic against the world of vanity. Like, carved pumpkins clearly are for catching the attention of someone. But a plain pumpkin? Well, if used for decor it's appearance is enough. A plain pumpkin doesn't … Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | Pumpkin & Simple

Encourage And Grow Together

This week in particular those in America will be celebrating Thanksgiving. It is often a time we share together, and many participate in sharing around the table what we are grateful for. Often times people become attracted to things of this world, and so during this time of "giving" and being "grateful," we try to … Continue reading Encourage And Grow Together