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Judges (7) Pt. 1 | Wickedness – A Woman Is Called As A Judge (Ch.1-5)

Well, you’ve made it this far. πŸ™‚ May we not turn back like the people of Judges did.

The book of Judges is a book I tend to overlook. Tucked away near the front of the Bible, but not quite the beginning.

However, this book is anything except plain.

The book of Judges covers about 400 years in only 21 chapters. Can I just say, “WOW!”

That’s quite a feat. But unfortunately, that’s because we are going back to back in cycles of the people sinning, God leaves them, them being rebuked and being saved again. In fact, there are seven cycles of this in the book of Judges.

In Hebrew, the name Judges is Shophetim meaning judges, rulers, deliverers or saviors. In fact, Shophet also refers to liberating. The book of Judges is about different people set as a judge to deliver the people and also rule and administer justice.

With Joshua and the past leaders who knew him also gone, the people steadily keep falling away from God. Yet, through it all, God is still God, and He makes His name known. For those who do seek Him, He encourages them to heed His voice.

No matter how far we stray, God is at the core of everything.


Ch. 1 – Many Inhabitants Not Driven Out

After Joshua’s passing, Judah is chosen as the next leader to defeat the Canaanites. He does in fact. However, many tribes that were told to defeat a variety of different inhabitants and villages did not.

Ch. 2 – New Generation Doesn’t Know God

Ch. 2:01-06– The Angel of the Lord tells the people He kept His covenant, but they did not. They were suppose to drive out the inhabitants, and they didn’t. As they were told, now the people that weren’t driven out would become thorns in the side of Israel, and the gods of the lands would become snares.

Ch. 2:07-10– Joshua dies, and when the generation died with him, the next generation did not know God or everything that He did for Israel.

Ch. 2:11-23– These people, not knowing God, turned away. Worshipping Baals and playing the harlot. God was against them in His anger. The people can’t stand against their enemies. But God also rose up judges to help the people, to warn them. Unfortunately, the people didn’t heed them one bit, continuing in harlotry.

Not only that, but once the judge died, the people only continued in their wicked way more.

Arousing God’s anger only more, the Lord decided not to continue to drive out the nations Joshua left when he died. Instead, these nations would be left to test Israel, to see if they would keep the ways of past generations and walk in them or not. (Judges 2:22)


Ch. 3- Three Different Judges For The People

Ch. 3:01-11- The children of Israel continue to commit evil in the sight of God, forgetting Him, and serving other gods. God had the people be sold into slavery for eight years. When the people cried out, God rose up the first judge we see, Othniel. The Spirit of the Lord was with him, and he judged Israel. God also put a number of enemies into his hand.

Israel rested for forty years, and then Othniel died.

Ch. 3:12-31– Back to square one, the Israelites again turn back to wickedness. Therefore, God allowed them to fall into the hand of a Moab king. The children of Israel served him for 18 years, and then they cried out to God.

God heard their cry and rose up the judge Ehud. If you want to read about the acts of Ehud, check out Judges 3:12-30 for full details, it gets slightly gruesome. Ehud defeats the king of Moab, and the children of Israel defeat Moab. Israel has rest once again, for 80 years.

Shamgar is the next judge and he defeated the Philistines.


Ch. 4- Deborah, First Female Judge

Deborah was a prophetess as well, and it stands to show we see few female prophets and females in leadership positions, but God certainly used women as well for His plan.

A man called Barak talks to Deborah and is too afraid to go against Sisera. In fact, Deborah tells him (paraphrase), “God, will put this in your hand. Go and do it.”

And he’s like, “Nah, that’s not good enough, but if you go with me, I’ll go.”

She agrees but instead tells him the glory will not go to him, but God will sell Sisera into the hand of a woman.

And it was so. Sisera fled to a tent of the woman Jael. He asks for water, and she gives him milk. Jael waits till he falls asleep and then she strikes him in the head. He dies. When Barak reaches where Jael was, she shows him a now dead Sisera.

Ch. 5 Deborah’s song

This whole chapter is somewhat of a retelling. Quite enjoyable, especially if you understand what she is speaking of, by knowing these summaries you will.

For those of you who like older pieces of literature played in the song, you’ll probably enjoy this piece especially.

Next week we will begin Ch. 6 and start with Gideon’s journey to trusting God.

Did you learn or enjoy any part of today’s summary?Β 

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(Need to catch up? Check out all of the summaries here.)Β 

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21 thoughts on “Judges (7) Pt. 1 | Wickedness – A Woman Is Called As A Judge (Ch.1-5)

    1. πŸ™‚ thank you! He has taught me so much, and I want others to see what He’s shown me. I want others to understand and believe it isn’t hard to get close to Him. He’s right there ❀ and scripture He'll guide us through.

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  1. I love your series on the Books of the Bible. I read the story about Ehud and was a little surprised that he committed such murder in order for the Israelites to win.

    It was nice to know that because Ehud was a Benjamite that him being left-handed actually gave him an advantage over his right-handed enemies. I really like the story of Deborah because it is the first time that we are seeing a female judge of Israel and how she played a pivotal role (alongside Jael) in the defeat of Sisera.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, definitely πŸ™‚ I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the series. There are some gruesome things that happen in the Old Testament with murder and rape, which those in particular I don’t plan to cover, but if needed I will reference them lightly. I’m so glad Jesus fulfilled the Law and has shown everyone a better way to forgive and love each other.


  2. Yes, I do believe if God can’t find a man, he will definitely use a woman. It is sad to read how Israel would continually walk away from God unless they had a strong leader. And I wonder where the priests were at these times? Did they fall away also? I know they did in later times.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a really good question. Aside from Aaron, I don’t think there were a lot of priests in a leadership position. I sometimes struggle reading about the falls of Israel but then am reminded of how many times Christians throughout the centuries have also been misguided. Maybe not following other gods, but committing wickedness claiming it was of God, when it isn’t.

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  3. I love reading about left handed Ehud, but I have to admit it is pretty brutal…
    a smart move though. Very James bond.
    Jael was pretty brutal too, but she was pretty clever and courageous in how she nailed him.
    Deborah is a good example of how some men don’t have a backbone without a woman to give him some courage.
    I’ve always taught my son that Deborah and Jael are perfect examples of while God prefers a certain way (He designs men to be leaders) that He will use whoever is actually willing to do God’s will!

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      1. β€˜And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams…Acts 2:17

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    1. This comment right here was meant for me…While in Starbucks in Macon week before last, the Lord brought a guy in and he sat beside me with a book titled, Five Proofs of the Existence of God. I struck up a conversation after seeing this book and we had a great time of fellowship. Prior to him leaving, he mentioned the book of Judges and preceded to telling me the story about this left-handed assassin warrior named Ehud. I’d been reading Judges, but never really paid attention to Ehud. Here it is again, in this blog that the book of Judges comes up, and more specifically ole’ Ehud and his left handedness…I hear You Lord. I just love when God speaks and confirms to us to rest easy, and trust and wait on Him…What a blessing to read this blog and also this comment. God can significantly use what seems insignificant! God Bless you BOTH!

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