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Judges (7) Pt. 2 | Gideon – Death of Gideon (Ch.6-8)

We are going to cover Gideon’s story in today’s summary.

Ch. 6 Oppressed Israel & A Doubting Gideon

Judges 6:01-10, we find out Israel committed evil and God allowed Israel to be impoverished by the Midianites.

(6:11-27) The Angel of the Lord appears to Gideon telling him that God is with him. Gideon immediately begins to question, “Well then, why has all of this happened to us? Where are these miracles? The Lord has forsaken us.”

Sounds like us today, actually.

I love this. God ignores his complaint, and tells him, “You are going to save Israel, I have sent you.”

But Gideon complains, “My family is a weak clan, and I’m the weakest.”

Gideon, dude, get on God’s level this is HIS thing, using the weak for His glory! Gideon is speaking my heart right now. 

God tells him again, “I’m with you, you’re going to defeat them.”


To which Gideon does something many of us desire and struggle with, “Well if You’ve found favor, could You show me a sign?”

He gives an offering and the Angel of the Lord accepts, in fact, Gideon sees His face, he believes now he saw the Angel of the Lord.

God tells him to take down the altar of Baal.

Gideon does so, but he does it at night because of his fear.

The next morning the people are MAD that the altar of Baal was torn down and DEMAND for Gideon to be killed. But Gideon’s father is like, “Pssh, let your god defend himself. It was his altar that was torn down, why are you defending him. He is a god, after all, right?” (6:31)

Gideon receives the name Jerubbaal for tearing the altar of Baal down.


Sign Of Fleece

Judges 6:36-40 Gideon places a piece of fleece down on the ground, and wants there to be only dew on the fleece and nowhere else on the ground. If God does this, then Gideon says he will believe God will do what He said He would.

God does so. The fleece was dew covered, and the ground was dry.

Gideon, however, requests again. He asks that God not be angry, but let the fleece be dry, and the ground around the fleece be covered in dew.

Once again, God complies. The fleece is found dry, and the ground in dew.


Ch. 7- God Splits The Number

The men who had gathered with Gideon were too many. God wanted a smaller number of men because He didn’t want Israel to believe they saved themselves. He wanted them to know He was the One who put favor on them.

First, Gideon is told to proclaim to those who are afraid to turn away.

22,000 men leave.

10,000 remain. Still too many for God.

The men are brought to water. Those who used their hands to drink water were set apart, the rest were told to go home.

Out of the original 32,000, only 300 men remained. This was sufficient for the Lord.

During the night, God tells Gideon to get up, and if afraid, take a servant with him. He is to go into the enemy camp and listen to what the people are saying. When Gideon does this, he will be strengthened and know God has put his enemies into his hand.

Gideon took his servant with him and overheard a man tell his dream. The man says his dream symbolizes the sword has been placed in the hand of Gideon. After hearing this, Gideon is indeed encouraged. He goes back to camp and tells the men to arise.

They kill, pursue, and defeat their enemies.


Ch. 8- Israel Wants A Ruler & Gideon Sets Up A Snare

Judges 8:01-21 continues to further explain the fight against the Midianites and some issues Gideon and his men ran into.

When everything was said and done, Israel asked Gideon to rule over them. Which I think is the first time we see a ruler being requested. We start to see how Israel is becoming like everyone else with false religions and harlotry, and wanting to be like every other nation (having a ruler/king) was becoming a big deal.

Gideon tells them he won’t be their leader, and his son won’t be their leader. Instead, wisely, he tells them God will rule over them.

Unfortunately, he does something that worked against his words. Gideon requests earrings from the men, and he gets quite a bit of gold from them. He makes the gold into an ephod, which is a sleeveless garment, often Israelite priests wore one. He set this garment in his own city, and the people of Israel played the harlot with it. In fact, scripture says, ALL of Israel played the harlot. (8:27)

In the days of Gideon there appeared to be peace for forty years. When Gideon died, Israel also went back to playing the harlot with Baals. Again, the people forgot God, and they also did not show kindness to the house of Gideon.

I think this is a good place to stop. We may have only covered a few chapters, but Gideon’s story is pretty in depth. Why is it we are so tempted to be like Gideon and question God? If not question Him, then we seek out assurances of symbols and signs when, though it’s nice when God gives us these, we don’t need them.

How patient is our God for knowing us better than we know ourselves.

May we remember He knows us and He will provide the strength we need.

Are you like Gideon? 

Has God ever given you a sign? 

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17 thoughts on “Judges (7) Pt. 2 | Gideon – Death of Gideon (Ch.6-8)

  1. God is amazing. For the past few months, God’s been saying, “Only believe!” Just this morning, I was heading one place, but then God redirected my steps. Once I got where I was going, I ran into a man and we talked for quite some time. During this conversation he shared about how I was encouraging him, but I shared with him that he was also encouraging me. Little did he know, until I shared with him, that God used everything that he talked about to bring me full circle.

    So here I sit in blogland reading about Gideon, a story that has deep personal meaning to me. It’s encouraging yet again, as I hear God say, “Only believe…No room for doubt!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Amen, I was pushed last night to make sure I had this post done so it could appear in the morning and I am so glad I listened. In fact, a couple days ago I had an email from someone that greatly spoke to me. He had told me that a blog post I wrote greatly encouraged him, but after his words he also encouraged me. I completely understand the full circle you speak of. God is amazing!


  2. I really like this Sis. The story and excuses of Gideon seems similar to that of Moses. We often think God cannot use us because of ABC…. However the bible is full of stories of people like Gideon who God used mightily regardless of the imperfections. He is such a loving Father❤️

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  3. I love the story of Gideon. There are so many lessons in it. God seems to choose those who are humble to do his work. I think it is okay to ask for a sign once in awhile. I asked once when my husband and I needed direction if we should move to another city or not. God gave me a dream and we moved. It was the perfect thing to do.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I am definitely not against signs at all! 🙂 I think sometimes all the world wants is signs from God and in our lives He’s given us signs before, yet we need something else to verify His will instead of being patient and waiting for Him to give us an answer (which could come from a sign or something else). My concern is where is our focus and I state this because I’m asking this to myself as well. 🙂 I’m so glad He answered your prayer. That’s wonderful!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love Gideon’s story… It truly speaks to me! And I love the personal way you have retold it. You truly made the application of Gideon’s experience and the theme of his life real to all of us in the here and now! You have such wisdom, T.R.! ❤ and hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

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