400 Followers | The Journey So Far

Today is the day! Thank you, everyone, for your support, your comments, feedback, suggestions, and especially reading my blog. I’ve only reached this because of all of you and the grace of God allowing me to reach this step.

I know many are curious about the blog’s progress, and I know new bloggers are curious about tips and help, that’s why I like sharing these posts and to be able to look back on the journey God has been with me on.

On my second blog, I do cover blogging topics if you are curious about reading specific topics related to blogging/writing.

Overall, it really isn’t about getting followers (that’s quantity.) It is exciting of course, I’m not going to lie.

But what matters is who are you as a blogger, why do you write, and how do you reach out to the community and get involved (that’s quality.)

This has been a really interesting journey.

Within this time, I’ve seen blogger friends of mine reach their first milestone of 100 followers, I’ve seen others surpass their 1,000 milestone. I’m really proud and so glad to be part of a community in which we can rejoice together.

It is possible.

This is a line I work on trusting in. Not in myself, but in God and in every single thing He has handed to me.

Blog’s Progress/Timeline


No new series were created within this time frame, the schedule is pretty full right now. The Alphabet Devotional will last me till around March, and once that’s over, I may come up with another series or leave Mondays open again for free days.

Inside Cup, currently has about 6-7 posts weekly, sometimes I take a break on Bible SummariesAs of right now, I’ve posted 251 blog posts on Inside Cup.

Speaking of that, I remember one comment I received months ago that slightly bothered me because the person was “hoping” I’d be able to continue with my ambitious goal of writing through the books of the Bible. I guess I felt like it wasn’t really supportive, more like, “I’m basically waiting to see you fail at this.” 

But truth is, this person did not say they wanted me to fail. That was how I personally internalized the words.

It is really important when we read comments to not respond with immediate emotion.


I’ve been working on asking God to humble my feelings and help me see what is justified and what am I being too sensitive about, and why do I feel this way.

As a blogger, and as a writer, we need to make sure our personal feelings don’t read into what people are not saying.

For example, just because we have a bad day does not mean everyone around us is being sarcastic.

Realizing this, I am able to admit now, it is true the Bible Summary posts are quite of a task combined with the Alphabet Devotionals, and Thursday’s in-depth posts. If I didn’t plan things out, it would get chaotic, quite easily.

In fact, at the end of October, I worked on writing out the days of November, what posts needed to be written, and which days required a post.


To lay out in front of you what your plans are, and what your intentions are.

This has helped me, and this has always been what motivated me in the past year to write more posts.

I have calling for believers, and I’ve been given the gift of writing. My overall goals and intentions always focus on the questions, “How can I glorify God, and how can I reach out to others?,” while I work on my novel/book series.

Which leads me to discuss the importance of scheduling.

Schedule Is Important (For Me At Least)

My blog is on a schedule, and it benefits both me and my readers to be on a schedule.

Sunday- Song Sundays

Monday- Alphabet Devotional 

Tuesday- Inspirational/Thought Provoking scripture piece

Wednesday- Midweek Inspiration

Thursday- In-depth post covering Christian topic/sometimes life updates

Friday- Open, often times you’ll see Dream Experience posts.  

 Saturday- Bible Summary


This does not include my second blog and its schedule, which currently averages about three-four posts per week.

I write between 9 to 11 posts weekly now, but it wasn’t always this way.

No lie, at the beginning of this year, I struggled with writing 1-2 posts per week. It took me time. As I mentioned, I had to sit down and ask myself, “Why do you write? Who are you writing for? How do you want to glorify God?”

Once I took my writing seriously, the calling and gifts God gave me, those all became my anchor.

All of these gifts, insights, and ideas bundled up into a talent. It’s what God gives us, and we need to produce the Spirit’s fruits which then creates more talents for Him.


I’ve learned endurance.

I’ve learned this before in staying consistent with novel writing, and I’m learning it now through blog writing.

You have to keep trying. 

Not everything is going to go right.

You may get off schedule.

You may not get as far within the week of your novel that you want to, but you need to keep trying.

I’m working on finding a balance between blog writing and novel writing currently.

Go out and do what you are called to do. 

Giving It To God First Before Going Out


I’m working on giving each post to Christ before I write it, to play at least one worship song before writing so that He has the glory first.

Writing cannot be all about what makes me happy, and I’m not against other bloggers standing by the statement, “Write what makes you happy,” but I cannot stand by it 100%.

This blog is aimed at helping my readers and curious readers have a stronger relationship with Christ. In order to do that, I need to cover material that is not always pleasant, including to me. I need to be convicted just as much as my viewers, if not more because I am accountable to what Christ puts on my heart.

Even in Peeking Beneath, my second blog, I’m working on incorporating Christ more because He is my life, so even when I’m talking about other topics He still needs to present in some way.

Christian Writers Are Accountable

I’m not writing just to please myself. What I want to bring to attention, especially for Christian writers, is that we are more accountable as a writer.

If you are writing for Christ, if He inspired you to write, then continue to be inspired by Him, and continue to make sure He is the spotlight overall of your work.

The same applies to our life and our walk with Christ.


Conviction is not enjoyable. 

Conviction can lead us to joy in His Spirit. But often it isn’t enjoyable in the moment.

What we proclaim to others, we must have in our daily life and walk with Christ. Whatever percentage of Christ we want in our life, this is the amount we need to reflect.

Those who are close to Him tend to grow in Him. 

Those who desire to get close to Him, and put it to daily action do. 

I have to remind myself daily to turn to Him.

To daily become involved in Him because He has to be ahead of me.


My writing is for Him, I want it to be my crown for Him, and if I’m not part of His presence, what is good is my crown?

It is nothing without His light reflected in it.

Believe it or not, our progress, our gifts, and our talents came from Him. We should never get ahead thinking anything more of ourselves.

What God wants for our life, no one will take away.

If writing is part of His calling, and I believe it is, then not only do I need to keep trusting Him, but be willing enough to hold His hand through it all.

Not just brief moments of happiness. (My soul, please listen.) 

May I be convicted through His love and clothed through His Holy Spirit. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM

59 thoughts on “400 Followers | The Journey So Far

    1. Thank you so much!!! 🙂 It’s been a roller coaster of emotions and stumbling blocks in life and writing. But God has always shown me His light no matter where I was, and where I am. I hope to continue walking forward, and reaching others. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Thank you for the great post, T.R. Noble. Like you, with each weekly blog post I want to put Him in the center of my writing so that even though the writing may not go in the direction I want it too; it will always point back to Christ.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Amen! I’ve found through writing, especially what the Spirit puts on my heart, He guides me through some powerful posts. Some in which I never expected would go the way they did, yet they glorify Him all the much more. Praise God for His Spirit. Praise God for always helping us see Him, and to seek out His hand.

      You are doing amazing with your in-depth posts, and I definitely feel you can see the growth from earlier this year, to where you are now, and that’s really important. We should always grow in Christ, and our growth will be reflected in our writing as well. Our growth needs to be reflected in all things. 🙂

      Liked by 3 people

  2. G’day T.R and congrats to you. I find myself not wanting to congratulate you on the “numbers” ,but instead on the commitment you have made to the amount of posts you share, and the content of each post. May you continue to be honest and led by God with your words so that you may Convict, encourage and spur on the people that read your stuff.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 Yes, it is definitely not the numbers, but the people that can be uplifted, encouraged, and reached. Your words speak to me, and I am glad I can write the posts I can through the hand of God on me.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Congratulations, dear T.R.! God is blessing your perseverance, hard work and beautiful heart for Him. I especially loved your words, “My writing is for Him, I want it to be my crown for Him, and if I’m not part of His presence, what is good is my crown? It is nothing without His light reflected in it.” What an inspiration and example you are to all your followers! God bless you greatly! ❤ and hugs!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Congrats to you–not only for the followers milestone, though that is truly admirable, but for all else you have learned and committed to through your blogging experience. Keep pressing on toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God, as Paul says! You are an inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Congrats on your achievements, T.R.! I have been enjoying coming on this journey with you and I am happy that we’ve met. May God continue to enrich you with His wonderful blessings so that you’ll be always equipped to do His work. God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. It was wonderful reading this. As a writer, I have to stop and check myself to make sure that I’m writing for God. I want what I write to be enjoyable, but I also want it to reach out and touch someone, to inspire someone to think about God and consider reaching out.

    Thank you for writing such a wonderful post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 Yes, it is crucial we take time to reflect not only on our growth God teaches us through our writing, but how much we are keeping our eyes on Him. You are absolutely right!


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