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Judges (7) Pt. 5 | Micah’s Carved Image – Fall Of Bejamintes (Ch.17-End)

This book has taken me the longest to summarize, but today we will complete the book of Judges 🙂

Ch. 17 Micah’s Idolatry

Micah tells his mother he took her money. She had put a curse on the person, and when she hears him tell her, she blesses him. She tells him he can then have the money and make a carved image.

He makes the image, priestly garments, and makes one of his sons a priest.

As scripture says, there was no king, people did what was right in their eyes.

It so happened a Levite was traveling and found shelter at the house of Micah. Micah tells the Levite, “If you stay, be a father, and priest to me, I will give you a yearly salary, clothes, and your upkeep.”

So the Levite stayed.

Micah believed God would be good to him because he had a Levite priest.

Ch. 18 Danites Adopt Micah’s Idolatry


The children of Dan went to search and spy on land because they did not have an inheritance yet and eventually heard singing. They found the Levite priest, in the home of Micah, and they requested to know if their journey would be prosperous. The priest told them God was with them, and it would be.

They reported the land they found was good when they returned.

At some point, they go back, take the priestly garments, the carved image, and more from Micah. They persuade the Levite priest to go with them because it would be better to be a priest to a tribe.

This causes a dispute between the Danites and Micah, but Micah realizes he is outmatched.

They take the items of Micah and the priest. Find land to settle in, and basically live there setting up the carved image.

Ch. 19 Disturbing!!! Caution To Readers!!


This basically covers how disgusting, selfish, and perverted the people of the time was, similar to what you read about Sodom and Gomorrah. A woman is abused, raped, and killed.

Remember, this time frame was a lot different towards women and children.

Nonetheless, it is very hard to read.

Ch. 20 Israel’s War With Benjaminites

The children of Israel demand the perverted people of the tribe of Benjamin are revealed so they can be put to death, and remove the evil from Israel.

The tribe of Benjamin refuses, and thus war breaks out.

God delivers the Benjaminites into Israel’s hand.


Ch. 21 Wives Provided To The Benjamites

Israel tries to figure out what to do with the remaining Benjaminites and how to not lose the tribe completely.

Again, it is key to remember this was a different time period. Even scripture says people did what was right in their eyes. Within these four chapters, I’ve seen this scripture three times. You see the congregation tell what the people to do. You don’t see them seek out God and His advice.

End of Judges 

Timeline Review

Judges (7) Pt. 1 | Wickedness – A Woman Is Called As A Judge (Ch.1-5)

Judges (7) Pt. 2 | Gideon – Death of Gideon (Ch.6-8)

Judges (7) Pt. 3 | Abimelech – Jephthah’s Sacrifice (Ch.9-12)

Judges (7) Pt. 4 | Life Of Samson (Ch.13-16)

Judges (7) Pt. 5 | Micah’s Carved Image – Fall of Benjamites


Key Points of Judges 

-God provides for His people

-God used women as leaders, and when men did not step up He rose women up

-Israel struggled to follow God and keep promises of past generations

-Everyone did what was right according to their own eyes 

What did you learn about Judges?

What did you take away from Judges?

The Book of Ruth is next 🙂 

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8 thoughts on “Judges (7) Pt. 5 | Micah’s Carved Image – Fall Of Bejamintes (Ch.17-End)

  1. Ignorance is such a bad thing; it caused Micah and the Danites to sin. God bless you for these summaries….I was going to start reading the whole Bible and I wasn’t planning on doing any summary for myself until I saw this. God bless you so much

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🙂 thank you so much.

      Yes, ignorance and selfishness cause so many to fall. I completed reading the Bible at the beginning of this year entirely, and thought it was important to show others that they too could read the Bible, understand it, and learn from it. It is as you say, there is a lot of ignorance. I hope to break down some of it. 🙂


  2. It’s such a great summary of the book of Judges. Out of this book, my favorited were about Deborah and Gideon.

    Deborah because she was female and God still made her a leader. Gideon becuase he didn’t trust himself and put his faith in God.

    I’m confused. Is the Micah in Judges the same prophet Micah in the Old Testament?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No, not at all 🙂 The prophet you speak of is in the book of Micah, and Micah is much, much later in the Old Testament. The book of Micah appears 26 books after the book of Judges. It follows the book of Jonah. So we see the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Daniel before we even reach the book of Micah. Hope that helps 🙂
      Those are definitely good parts of Judges to like 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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