Christmas Eve Song Sunday | Songs Of Christ Playlist

He went from a crown of lights to a crown of thorns.

Christmas reflects on the birth of Christ. Some think it’s insignificant because He was just a baby. But I believe His birth represents the beginning of His journey.

For me, Christmas is not about December. It is about His birth. God continues to guide my eyes toward Him, and He’s been pricking my spirit especially this year. I rejoice He has helped me be attentive.

He was worshipped and adored as a baby. Proclaimed by the angels, worshipped by shepherds because He is the true Shepherd who has come into our world, and bowed before the magi.

He was at one time just a baby, but He carried His purpose. His birth was a promise God gave us.

He is everything. His birth is symbolic of the new life we have in Him.

This is the season of reflection. This is a reminder we need to worship Him daily. He is wonderful. His name is Jesus!

The glory of Christmas is the glory of Christ. The glory of Christmas is the story of His life. – Matt Redman- O Little Town (Glory of Christmas) 

Here are songs to listen to and reflect on Christ. But never only on Christmas. (Check any of the links to listen to the song.)

Mallary HopeJust A Baby

Francesca BattistelliMessiah, Be Born In Me (Mary ❤  <3,

Casting CrownsMake Room, Somewhere in your silent night, I heard the bells on Christmas Day, While You Were Sleeping,

Matt RedmanHis Name Shall Be ❤ , O Little Town (The Glory of Christmas)

King & CountryO Come O Come Emmanuel

Citizen WayHow Sweet the Sound

Lauren DaigleNoel, Light of the World

Brandon HeathThe Night Before Christmas

MercymeJoseph’s Lullaby

Chris RiceWelcome to our world

Kari JobeWhen Hope Came Down

Chris TomlinHe Shall Reign Forever

If you would like to have this playlist play in the background, check out my playlist I created. I made a YouTube channel, mainly for you lovely readers and have a huge Christian music playlist (all Song Sundays are inspired from this list), and some other playlists, plus all channels I follow are Christian related/family friendly if you are looking for Christian material.

The songs above you can find on the playlist titled Christmas Worship. 🙂

Please, take time to listen to some of the songs. 

Please, take time to worship Christ. 

Which one of these songs is your favorite?

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM


20 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Song Sunday | Songs Of Christ Playlist

  1. “He is everything. His birth is symbolic of the new life we have in Him…” You’ve said it all in these few words. Beautiful.

    And how great that you’ve created a YouTube channel that inspires your Song Sundays! Will enjoy further browsing your favorites there! Merry Christmas, dear T.R.!

    Liked by 1 person

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