Midweek Inspiration | Praise Him Now

I had read scripture in which Jesus talked about worship in spirit and in truth. It really spoke to me.

It made me think about how we shouldn’t wait to worship Him, in church or during a particular time/place.

Often times, we really should do it now.

It’s interesting how we try to plan we do for Christ hours, if not, days in advance. When He is so close to us, we just kinda walk away from Him. “Not now, Lord. I have things to do.”

Worship can be done in the smallest of ways, and it starts with our heart.

Are we lifting our hands to Him? Are we holding onto His truth?

Don’t make things complicated for yourself and Christ.

Just, give Him some time. He’s willing to give you His. ❀

Take time for Christ.Β Β 

How do you take time for Christ? Please share below πŸ™‚Β 

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23 thoughts on “Midweek Inspiration | Praise Him Now

  1. Time is His gift to me and if I am receptive and willing to return that time to Him each day to be used as He leads, He fills that time with Himself. He is always with me, so worship is a continual state of being, as He lives in me and I submit to Him…which I hope to do but again still fail at times.

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  2. I take time to be with Jesus while I am at work. The Lord lays songs on my heart, and I just sing to Him. It’s fun to do while I am working on a production line, and doing repetitive things.

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  3. Quite a few people I know that worship and pray now do so more in the every day, minute by minute lives rather than attending Church to do it or scheduling certain times to do it. “Worship can be done in the smallest of ways, and it starts with our heart.” – very beautifully said.x

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