Some Monthly Post Ideas & Monthly Comments Roundup (1)

I’d like to share some ideas for posts I’ve thought of. Please let me know what you think because I’d like a number of these to come from this community. 🙂 I want us to be lights on the hill for Christ, and for each other.

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Monthly Prayer Requests/Answers– This will be in two parts. At the beginning of the month, I’d like to have a post listing prayer requests from myself, and any of you who want pray requests. Typically, the next month’s requests will be the comments on the current month’s answer post. So, for January, if you have a prayer request please leave one below, and this will be listed for the month of January’s requests. If you do not want to list specifics just say you have an unspoken, and that will be prayed for.

I think this would be a great way to come together as the body of Christ to pray for one another, and this would be a wonderful way to testify as well when we see answered prayer.

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Monthly Scripture– I am going to pick one scripture to work on mediating for the month. What I want you to consider doing is meditating on the same scripture or pick on one scripture to meditate on for the month. When the next month comes I’d like to be able to write about my experiences and how the scripture impacted me, and hear if your scripture impacted you. This would be a good way to draw us all closer to God. 🙂 If God reached out to you with that scripture, taught you, inspired you, assured, anything, leave a comment in that month’s scripture post, and I can share it for the next month with my report.

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Monthly Comment Roundup– Some comments really stand out, through encouragement, perspective, or how God has helped that person. This isn’t to push people to try to stand out on purpose, but I thought it would be a nice place to share what the post was that made this person say what they did, and to give a shout out to that blogger as well. To show you what this would look like, I’m sharing this month’s roundup in this post. 🙂 Enjoy!!! Thank you all for your comments, discussions, and perspectives.

Here is the Monthly Roundup For December 2017


A Factured Faith commented on the post of Judges Pt. 4 | Life Of Samson

~”Another deeply flawed man who God used anyway to do great things. Samson gives me hope that God can use me too despite my many failings.”pexels-photo-612800

Post of Why Some Letters & Books Are Not Included In The Bible was indeed a thought-provoking post, and there were some amazing comments that came with it.

Diana Tyler commented on this particular quote.

~”‘I don’t need to read extra texts outside of the Bible because the Bible contains every instruction and guide from God and Christ I need.’”

~”Amen! This is all I need to know. I admit that I was once curious myself from reading those books, but I never got around to it. The Bible was enough for me. I remember one of my friends saying, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to know everything?’ And my response was, ‘I don’t need to know everything in the world; just what God wants me to know.’”


Efua commented,

~”I totally agree Sis. I often say we don’t lack enough information in the body of Christ. What we lack is the action bit. I say this to myself all the time. Maybe I don’t need to read 100 books to know more (I am by no means condemning reading. I love to read, and I advice people to read). But I need to do ones I already know. I need no other book on love. The death of Christ on the cross paints enough picture for me. Curiosity can be very detrimental. I think this is why the more we know, the more we tend to question the bible. There is a trap hidden in curiosity. Thanks for sharing Sis❤️”

Sue Love commented, 

~”I have found that people are also attracted to what is controversial or what can easily be turned into an argument. Start a discussion on a known controversial subject such as baptism for salvation, or tongues, or OSAS, for example, and people will flock to it, but start a discussion on holiness, godliness and righteousness, and only a few will join in. Or, if they do join in, i.e. those who love controversy, some of them will join in just to pick what you say apart and to find a way to turn it into a debate. I am speaking here primarily of bible discussion sites, though I imagine this happens in the world of blogging, too.”


My Way Home Life commented,

~”I like Paul’s urging to the Philippians to think on things that are honest, just, pure, lovely, etc. And that describes Scripture. It’s good to be ignorant of things that might have some sort of influence from Satan. No need to research the occult in detail, for example. We need only to know enough to stay away.”


Lynn commented on the post, Alphabet Devotional | L 

~”Lord–Our Savior is sovereign over all, and it is truly comforting to know that when things appear crazy and chaotic in this world, He ultimately will bring about good for you and me from all of it.”


God’s Warrior commented on the post, Alphabet Devotional | M

~”The word that I feel reflects this season of giving and who Christ is: Mighty God because He is a mighty God and is the only One who is mighty to save and the Savior of the World.”

Isaiah 9:6 says, “For unto us a Child is born,
Unto us a Son is given;
And the government will be upon His shoulder.
And His name will be called
Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”


The post Importance of Christ’s birth also caused a beautiful amount of discussion.

Lynn commented, ~”I think we might appreciate the importance of Christmas more if we understood that some of the early cults during NT times taught the very dangerous lie that Christ didn’t come in the flesh. During Christmas, we celebrate His incarnation … and that is crucial since His existence as God taking on human form enabled the perfect substitutionary sacrifice… As Paul in Romans points out… through one man–Adam–sin and death entered the world and by one man–the incarnate Christ–sin was atoned for… what a beautiful celebration, Christ’s birth is in light of this truth.”

Biblebloggergirl commented, ~”His birth means a new beginning for me and all other believers. His birth means a second chance for everyone. His birth, life, death, and resurrection are the most important things that ever happened.”


Believe4147 commented on the post, Midweek Inspiration | Praise Him Now 

~”Time is His gift to me and if I am receptive and willing to return that time to Him each day to be used as He leads, He fills that time with Himself. He is always with me, so worship is a continual state of being, as He lives in me and I submit to Him…which I hope to do but again still fail at times.”

I hope you all enjoy these ideas, and please participate if you want to 🙂 

What do you think of these ideas?

If you have a prayer request you would like the community to pray for, please leave it down in the comments. 

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19 thoughts on “Some Monthly Post Ideas & Monthly Comments Roundup (1)

  1. This is such a great idea T.R. Noble. to be able to have monthly devotionals and even prayer requests to help us as Christians.

    For me, my prayer request for January is that God guides me in His truth and that as I go through my Spring semester of college, that He comforts me and helps me remember the material.

    I think the idea of a monthly scripture is a great idea T.R. Noble. To be able to meditate on One scripture and have God speak to us through the scripture.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much!! I will add your request 🙂 I started to make a request of various bloggers and I thought why not open it up to have two or more pray for each other so Christ is with us. I can’t wait to hear how everyone’s prayers and devotionals go. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your ideas. My prayer request is for God to give me wisdom on how to take care of my mother, who as you know, has cancer. I’ve let myself get frightened that I might make a mistake. I take this all to God each day. I know I must not worry about anything, for that is what the Bible says. I need to rely completely on God and believe he will guide me. I need to live one day at a time, knowing he will help me. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think these are all great ideas, T. R.! Especially the prayer requests. I actually have a couple for you: a man named RC has colon cancer, and it’s pretty aggressive; and the house of a family I know burned down the Friday after Christmas. I’d would appreciate any prayers their way 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What lovely ideas for posts, T.R.!! And thank you for honoring me by including me in this post. You are truly thoughtful, kind and encouraging and you lift everyone who crosses your path! Love you, sweet sister!! ❤️


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